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Interested in learning more about Agricultural Environmental Management Systems? The following resources are available for downloading or ordering from our office:

  • Ag EMS Video
    Our "Partnerships for Livestock EMS" project has released a 10-minute video designed to introduce people to the basic concepts and benefits of pursuing an EMS. The video includes interviews with farmers who have undertaken an EMS, as well as commentary from policy-makers and producer representatives about the usefulness of this approach to managing environmental risk and improving farm operations. Available for $8.00 including mailing costs. To preview the video click here.
  • Agricultural EMS brochure (pdf), available for downloading. This tri-fold brochure offers a quick overview of the EMS process and benefits.
  • Agricultural EMS booklet (pdf), available for downloading. This full-color, 12-page booklet introduces the basic steps of an agricultural EMS, includes quotes from users and provides a resources section for those interested in learning more.
  • Farm and Home Environmental Management Newsletter, a quarterly electronic newsletter written to inform interested readers about voluntary pollution prevention programs around the nation and about new research and policy impacting the management of environmental risk on farms and in homes. Subscribe at, http://www.uwex.edu/AgEMS/newsletter/pre.cfm. Previous issues available at: http://www.uwex.edu/AgEMS/newsletter/
  • Looking for assessment worksheets and factsheets? Access the searchable online index of more than 700 items that have been produced for Farm*A*Syst, Home*A*Syst and related programs nation-wide. The index includes both general national-level materials and materials that have been tailored to state-specific contexts: http://www.uwex.edu/farmasyst/library/librarysearch.cfm.
  • On-line Sources of Environmental Assessment Tools and Resources for Wisconsin Farms A catalog of links to web-based environmental assessment tools, resources, fact sheets and other publications organized by environmental topic. It is primarily Wisconsin and Midwest-based information. Farmers, farm managers, agricultural advisors, consultants and educators can use this collection to assist in the identification of solutions to environmental issues.
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