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About Accounting Services

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About Accounting Services

Accounting Services Department is responsible for maintaining the General Ledger Accounts for UW-Extension according to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, the State of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin statutory and administrative requirements. Our goal is to process financial transactions timely and accurately.

Accounting Services also administers security for the Shared Financial System (SFS) and Wisconsin Data Mart (WISDM). SFS is the financial software designed by Peoplesoft and used by UW-Extension and other University of Wisconsin institutions. WISDM is a Web-based system that provides general ledger financial information to the end user.

Office Location and Staff

UW-Extension Building
432 N. Lake Street, Room 104
Madison, WI 53706-1498
Department email
Fax (608) 262-0163

topic contact phone email address
General Information


Academic Support Service
General Information Tricia Johnson (608) 262-1979
Processing Margaret Erickson (608) 263-6470

Budget Accounting
Budget Transfer Processing Jessica Hawkey (608) 265-6787
Budget Reconciliation Tricia Johnson (608) 262-1979


Fee Payments
- Payment to Individual Reports
- Academic Support Service Agreements
- Federal (Form 1099) Tax Reporting
Tricia Johnson (608) 262-1979


Non-Salary Payment Transfers
- How-To Process, Forms Jessica Hawkey (608) 265-6787
- Institutional Audit and Processing Jean Storandt (608) 265-6645


Payroll Interfact System
Salary Transfers Jessica Hawkey (608) 265-6787
Jean Storandt (608) 265-6645


Purchasing Card
- New Card Setup Jessica Hawkey (608) 265-6787
- Vendor Problems Jean Storandt (608) 265-6645
- Accounting


Refunds of Disbursements
- How-to Process, Forms Tricia Johnson (608) 262-1979
- Institutional Audit and Processing Jessica Hawkey (608) 265-6787


- (General Information; Expense Dora Schultz (608) 265-6650
Report Processing; Moving Expenses; Jessica Hawkey (608) 265-6787
Travel Advance Processing; Travel Vera Laufenberg (608) 890-2287
Agency Invoice Processing)


Vendor Invoices
UW-Ext Departments Tricia Johnson (608) 262-1979
Other UW Institutions Teri Anderson (608) 262-0180
External, Purchase Order Teri Anderson (608) 262-0180


Voucher/Check Payments
General Information Jean Storandt (608) 265-6645
Canceled Check Inquiries Jessica Hawkey (608) 265-6787
Stop Payments Jessica Hawkey (608) 265-6787


Web Inquiry for Financial Information
Jean Storandt (608) 265-6645

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