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About Instructional Forms

A completed Instructional Form (IF) is required for each continuing education program offered prior to any registrations or revenue deposits to that program. Specific information from the Instructional Form must be entered on the on-line registration system by either the Registrations Office or Cashier Services. The specific information needed for the accounting system is as follows. Contact Cashier Services if unsure of these codes.

FY The Fiscal year in which the program is held. This is determined by the fiscal year that the ending date of the program falls in.
Dept No. The department number of the department offering the program. This is used to determine which department will receive credit for enrollments, revenue, and contact hours.
Program Number This is the number assigned to the program by the department. It must be four digits or a combination of letters and digits. For UW-Extension Departments – this number will appear in WISDM with the letter P preceding the number shown here.
Program Title The title of the program as it is advertised to customers. Limit the title to 50 characters for entry purposes.
Fund PRJ# Program Account (Rev Code) This coding will determine where program fees are deposited and enrollments are recorded. Fund is the three-digit code (i.e., 132, 128, 144).
PRJ# is the Project/Grant number (i.e., PRJ14JK).
Program here is the one-digit code assigned (i.e., 5, 6, etc.).
Account (Rev Code) is the four-digit code for the type of revenue (i.e., 9160, 9300, 9051).

Section 1: Program Data

Starting Date/Time The month-day-year that the program will be starting.
Ending Date/Time The month-day-year that the program will be ending.
City - State The city and state where the program will be held.
Building/Location The name of the building or place where the program will be held.
Wisc. County Name The name of the Wisconsin county where the program will be held. If out of the state, then leave blank.
CEUs If the program is offered for Continuing Education Unit credits, the amount of the CEUs must be shown here. This alerts the student records department that CEUS are to be awarded.
Instruct. Hours The number of per student instructional hours or student contact hours for the program. This figure is used to determine the total student contact hours for the program.
Estimated Enrollment This number is used as information and as a check for revenue being deposited.
Program Categories

Select the category:
1) Professional Education
2) General Education
3) All Coop Education

Type of Program

Select from the following descriptions:
1) Lower Div Undergraduate Credit
2) Upper Div Undergraduate Credit
3) Lower & Upper Div Undergraduate Credit
4) Graduate Credit
5) Both Graduate & Undergraduate Credit
6) Continuing Education - CEUs Awarded
7) Continuing Education - CEUs Not Awarded
8) High School Credit
9) Non program

Type of Delivery

Select from the following descriptions:
1) Class, Conference, Institute, Workshop
2) Large Group
3) Media
4) Independent Study
5) Individual
6) Contract

Registration By

Select the code for the office that will be processing the enrollments and revenue from the following codes. This code will determine which office will be entering the IF and taking the registrations:
1) Campus Department
2) Madison Class Office
3) The Pyle Center
4) Milwaukee Registration Office
5) Extension Department
6) Community Faculty
7) Cals Conference Office
8) Other

Section 2: Registration Charges

Indicate the breakdown of the fees to be charged. If multiple fees are to be charged, indicate those fees on a separate sheet.

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