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Refunding Revenue

Each department requesting a refund of revenue is responsible for determining whether the refund is due per their department's policies and program brochures. They are also responsible for retaining backup on each refund for five years for audit purposes. Please note that this form is for check or cash refunds, not credit card refunds.

Do not make refunds from revenue on hand. All refunds must be requested through the Cashier Services Department and a University of Wisconsin check issued. A refund of revenue should be made from the original deposit coding.

Allow two to three weeks for the refund check to be processed and mailed out. Also advise your customers of this time frame.

For security reasons, the person responsible for depositing revenue should not be the same person approving the refund request. Separation of these duties should be followed.

Do not request refunds for amounts of $5.00 or less, except when the customer requests a refund. The cost of issuing a refund check of $5.00 or less far exceeds that amount.

Completed the refund request and send it to UW-Extension Cashier Services, Room 104 Extension Building.

Contact Cashier Services if a customer claims to have not received their refund check. UW-Extension can provide a photocopy of the cashed refund check 30 days after mailing. (UW-Madison requires a stop pay reissue request be submitted in order to obtain a copy.) You can see the refund check information in WISDM and obtain the check number and date of issue from the detail shown.

Preparing a Refund Request
Payable to: Person or company that originally made payment and now is to be refunded.
Address Lines: The full address to where the check is to be mailed. If to a company, please include the department or a person's attention.
Amount: The amount to be refunded less any fees being assessed.
Description/Reason for Refund: This information can be entered on the refund check stub to help identify the reason for the refund to the customer.
Funding to be charged: This will be the same as the original deposit's codes.
ACCOUNT is the 4 digit code for the type of revenue (i.e., 9160, 9300, 9051).
FUND is the 3 digit code (i.e., 132, 128, 144 etc). DEPT is your 6 digit department code.
PRGM is the 1 digit code assigned (i.e., 5, 6, etc).
CLASS is the instructional program number when refunding program receipts (begin CLASS with the letter P).
FY is the Fiscal Year.
PROJECT is the Project/Grant number (i.e., PRJ14JK etc.)
Contact Cashier Services if unsure of these codes.
Approval Signature: The signature of the department chairperson or the person designated to approve refund requests. This should be approved by someone other than the person responsible for depositing the funds and making out the refund requests.

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