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Accounting Forms

Academic Services Agreement

Academic Support and Services (BSPPD #3 - Form)MS Word file
Amended Academic Support Services AgreementPDF link
ASSA - Sole SourceMS Word file

General Forms

Clothing Purchase Approval FormMS Word file
Accounting Coding Action Request FormPDF link
Budget Transfer FormExcel file
Sponsored Events FormMS Word file
Request for Authorization to Reimburse Employee's Fee/TuitionMS Word file
Salary Transfer / Direct Retro Funding Distribution FormExcel file
Shared Financial System (SFS) User Request Authorization FormPDF link
WISDM User Authorization Request FormMS Word file

Inter-Institutional Agreements

Inter-Institutional (IIA) Financial Agreement (BSPPD #10 - Form c)PDF file
Inter-Institutional (IIA) BudgetPDF file

Non-Employee Reimbursement

Payment to Individual Report (PIR)Excel file (form)
Payment to Individual Report (PIR)PDF link (instructions)

Non-Salary Transfers

Non-Salary Payment Transfer RequestExcel file

Surplus Property

Property Disposition (computers and peripherals) ReportPDF link
Property Disposition (transfer, stolen, other of property) ReportPDF link
Surplus Property Pick-up Request FormOff-site link

Cashier Forms

General Forms

Internal Billing (form)Excel file
Merchant ID and PC Compliance OverviewMS Word file
Report of Registrations and Collections (RRC)Excel file
Refund of Disbursement DepositMS Word file
Instructional Form (IF)Excel file
Ready to start accepting credit cards? Click here!Excel file
Refunding Revenue: Check/Refund RequestPDF link
USI Invoice RequestMS Word file
Write-off/Adj/Cancel Inv RequestPDF link

Grants and Contracts Forms

General Forms

501(c)(3) Intent to Submit FormMS Word file

Gift in Kind (instructions)MS Word file
Gift in Kind (Transmittal Form)Excel file
Manual Certification Cover MemoPDF link
Proposal ChecklistPDF file
Requesting Project Number in Advance of Award via WISPERPDF link

Cost Share

Cost Share FormPDF link
Cost Share Form (Excel)Excel link
Cost Share Form InstructionsPDF link

Cost Transfer

Justification for Late Transfers Involving Sponsored ProjectsMS Word file
Non-Salary Payment Transfer RequestExcel link
Salary Transfer / Direct Retro Funding Distribution FormExcel link

Misc. Grants and Contracts Forms

Applicable Indirect Cost Rates - DetailedPDF link
Frequently Requested Factual DataPDF link
Indirect Cost Policy MemoPDF link
Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement (NICRA)PDF link
Tax Exempt LetterPDF link

Shared Grants

Shared Grant Document (effective 02/05/16)MS Word file
Shared Grant InstructionsMS Word file
Shared Grant Modification DocumentMS Word file


Federal Grant Subagreement Template (effective 1/1/2017)MS Word file
Non-federal Grant Subagreement Template (tab-thru form effective 05/11/15)MS Word file
Subrecipient Commitment FormMS Word file
Subrecipient vs.Contractor GuidePDF link
Subaward Questionnaire - Subrecipient or ContractorPDF link

U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) Funding
FCOI Proposal and Award ChecklistMS Word file
HHS Organizational Chart Denoting PHS AgenciesOff-site link
PHS FCOI Subrecipient Documentation FormMS Word file
Secretary of the Faculty & Staff Conflict of Interest pageExtension link
Subrecipient FCOI Business ProcessPDF file

Purchasing Forms

General Forms

Contract Signature RequestMS Word file
High Risk Insurance CertificatesPDF link
High Risk Insurance Certificate RequestMS Word document
Illegal Purchase LetterPDF link
Insurance Certificate Request-Manual Food Service-CateringMS Word file
Letter of Justification to Carry Over Prior Year RequisitionPDF link
Simplified Bid SummaryPDF link
Sole Source JustificationPDF link
Specifications for Accommodations/Conference FacilitiesMS Word file

Cell Phone and Land Line Forms

Cellular Telephone Approval Process
Telephone (land line) Funding Change Request Off-site link

Purchasing Card Forms

Forms for Getting a Purchasing Card
Log FormMS Word file

Travel Forms

Moving and Interview

Authorization for Moving Expense/Temporary Lodging Allowance PaymentMS Word file

Travel Expense Reimbursement

ArrowTravel Expense ReportExcel link
ArrowTravel Expense Report (2 page TER)Excel link

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