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For Employees

Wireless Services

Contract # 15-91575-121
This contract is mandatory for State agencies and UW campuses (referred to here after as Agencies). The scope of the contract includes wireless devices (voice-only, smartphones, Apple devices, tablets), service plans for wireless voice, data-only (aircards, wireless modems, etc.) and voice/data combination service (Smartphones).

Contracted vendors include (in alphabetical order) ATT MobilityOff-site link, SprintOff-site link, US CellularOff-site link, and Verizon WirelessOff-site link. Agencies may purchase service and equipment from any contracted vendor that they determine best meets their business needs.>

All UW Colleges/UW-Extension Departments must submit their equipment and service requests to UW Colleges/UW-Extension Purchasing. DO NOT SEND FORMS TO DOA OR TO PROVIDER. Email ALL forms to

Fraud – Contact Vendor account representative or Customer Support Center as quickly as possible. If fraud is detected, a corrective course of action will be recommended (e.g., suspend service, replace telephone, change telephone number, etc.). Invoice will be credited if cellular fraud occurs.

State Wireless Contract Vendors

ATT Mobility Off-site link
Sprint Off-site link
US Cellular Off-site link
Verizon Wireless Off-site link

UW Colleges/UW-Extension Contacts

Jean Storandt

UW-Extension Purchasing
Phone: (608) 265-6645

Rhonda Loger, Director

UW-Extension Purchasing
Phone: (608) 262-0164

How do I get a voice-only phone?

How do I get a smartphone or hotspot?

How do I change existing wireless plan from voice to data?

How do I add texting to existing wireless plan?

How do I upgrade/replace equipment?

How do I order accessories?

How do I change providers?

How do I disconnect service?

How do I dispose of old wireless equipment?

  • Tape wireless device number to screen, remove password and personal information (contact/address books, call logs, messages, etc), and send the device to
    UW Colleges/UW-Extension Purchasing
    104 Extension Bldg.
    432 N Lake St.
    Madison, WI 53706

Annual Wireless Review

due July 1, 2016 – see forms below


Apps for tablets can be purchased with a UW-Extension Purchasing Card. The Purchasing Card Log must show business need and justification for app and who is using App.

International Use

Under construction

Review your First Bill

Once you receive your first monthly bill, verify for accuracy and contact wireless provider to authorize your Purchasing Card information for future billing. See Quick Links above, then VISA card update with wireless provider.

Review each Monthly Bill

Review your monthly bill. It is the user's responsibility to review each monthly bill and submit reimbursement for any personal calls per DOA policy. Personal use of Wireless Services is prohibited, except for essential personal calls (such as calls relating to overnight travel provisions). Use Reimbursement FormPDF link.

Small Equipment Inventory

Under construction

VISA card update with wireless provider

  • ATT - call 877-970-8676 to re-enroll with auto pay either using the automated system or speak with any representative
  • Sprint - call 518-862-6931 to speak with a Sprint Account Rep
  • US CellularPDF link
  • Verizon - call 1-866-738-8610, option 2, ext. 1183325 to speak with LaShayla White

For UW-Extension Employees

Professional Development

UW-Extension and Colleges Administration