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Jan 11, 2013

Youth Line
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Table of Contents

General Announcements/What's New

Events and Activities

Newsletter Ready Information

General Announcements/What's New

  • 2013 County Key Awards quotas announced
    By Terry Boehner
    Office Operations Associate

    The 2013 County Key Awards quotas are attached.

  • Communication Arts Updates and Reminders
    By Christina Rencontre
    Communication Arts Specialist and Program Liaison

    HOT OFF THE PRESSES!!!!! Get information about 4-H scholarships, recruitment of scholarship reviewers, recruitment of track leaders for Art Beat! North and South and various and sundry deadlines for 4-H Communication Arts in Wisconsin!

  • Filing EZ 990 for Clubs and Groups Update
    By Kandi K. O'Neil
    Associate State Program Director/Volunteer Leadership Specialist

    Filing EZ 990 for Clubs and Groups Update:

  • How to record Hispanic/Latino Audiences
    By Heidi Dusek
    Youth & Family Program Coordinator

    You may have noticed a discrepnecy between Applied Pop lab's Census data profiles and Civil Rights reports for hispanic audiences. Here's some guidance on how to report hispanic audiences!

  • Prize Ideas -- Centennial logo design contest
    By Jackie Askins
    Associate Public Information Specialist

    We're looking for suggestions of prizes to offer to the winner of the Centennial logo concept design contest! Right now we're thinking along the lines of an iTunes gift card, but would love more suggestions.

  • Which ice cream flavor do you support?
    By Sheryl Albers
    Administrative Manager

    Cast your vote before the end of January for the flavor that you believe should win Cedar Crest's Ice Cream Contest!

Events and Activities

  • 2013 Space Camp (SC) On-line Registration
    By Peter J. Nordin
    Office Operations Associate

    Just a quick reminder that on-line registration for 2013 Space Camp closes at 4:30 p.m. today (Fri. January 11, 2013). For more information....

Newsletter Ready Information

  • 4-H International host opportunities for 2013
    By Kay Hobler
    4-H Coordinator

    Experience a different country without ever leaving your home! Enhance your cross-cultural awareness and understanding! Help to develop the world’s most valuable resource: its young people.

  • Family Camps and Free Public Programs at Upham Woods
    By Toby Grabs
    Assistant Director/4-H Program Coordinator

    Have you or families in your county ever wanted to come to Upham Woods for a day or weekend of family fun? Come to one of our free community days or sign up for one of our weekend family camps!