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Science is Fun!

Science Activities

Here are some activities to try with youth or to share with volunteers.

4-H Power of Wind The Power of the Wind Curriculum is part of the National 4-H Curriculum Collection and is designed for middle school aged youth to learn about the wind and its uses. Youth work with members of a team to design, create, build and test a wind-powered devices and are given opportunities to explore wind as a potential energy source in their community. This site is the online resource to supplement The Power of the Wind National 4-H Curriculum.

Earth Science Week Our Ever-Changing Earth” has activities to help youth learn the geoscience behind Earth’s climate.

Animal Diseases An activity plan that teaches youth about common animal diseases and treatments.

Animal Digestion An activity plan that engages youth in learning about how digestion begins in the mouth.

4-H STEM GPS Treasure Hunt ( 2 pages, 60.5 KB) An activity plan using GPS units to find hidden treasures. This can be used with GPS beginners or more advanced learners.

4-H STEM Tree Identification Trail (2 pages, 58 KB) This activity plan combines tree identification activities with GPS locations. This shows the use of technology with traditional subject matter.

4-H STEM Making Blue Goo (2 pages, 59 KB) An activity plan to be used with cloverbuds to engage their curiosity and start them thinking scientifically.

4-H STEM Fruity Batteries (15 pages, 360 KB) Maria Habib authored this activity plan in which youth use pieces of fruit and metal to make batteries.

Catch a Wave (5 pages, 129 KB) Learn about waves in a fun activity.

What's So Special about Water: Absorption (2 pages, 73 KB) This is part of a four-part series on water that lets youth learn why some things repel and some absorb water.

What's So Special About Water: It's Ice, Water, Steam (3 pages, 74 KB) This lesson helps students learn about the physical and chemical properties of water.

What's So Special About Water: Solubility and Density (2 pages, 68 KB) Another water activity that helps students learn about the physical and chemical properties of water.

What's So Special About Water: Surface Tension (3 pages, 371 KB) Another water activity that helps students learn about the physical and chemical properties of water using water drop race.

Mixing in Math This Web site is a free resource for those looking for easy ways to integrate math into out-of-school time. The activities are geared toward K-6 grades and are available in English and Spanish. Educators and parents can use these activities to put math into a variety of topics such as cooking, telling stories, gym exercises, and arts and crafts projects.

Dancing Raisins Experiment This link leads you to an experiment that uses carbonated water to make raisins dance.

Celery Stalks at Midnight A link to a fun experiment that helps youth learn about capillary action.

National Directory of 4-H Materials This is the National Directory of 4-H Materials. You can search for science activities by topic or in general.

Wisconsin Curriculum Activity Plans Check out this link to after-school activities as well as 4-H project activities. On the search menu, go to the "Select a Type" menu and pull down the "Activity Plan" option. You can also search for activity plans by topic or key word.

4-H Afterschool Activity Plans These activity plans are designed for use in an after-school environment.  Some of them have a science or SET focus.