Cooperative Extension is proud to have offered our colleagues a new professional development program opportunity in New Orleans, on July 18-22, 2009. To learn more about what activities colleagues participated in while exploring this unique and culturally interesting city, and to see a photo gallery of how participants volunteered their service to help one resident rebuild their life after Hurricane Katrina, please browse this website.

We experienced one of the world's most unique cities in the United States, where we found a plethora of cultures, and witnessed how a disaster both economic and environmental (Hurricane Katrina) has challenged the cultural fabric of the one and only New Orleans. We witnessed how the rebuilding post-Hurricane Katrina impacted those cultures and communities as they looked for opportunities to recover using different lenses. We continue nurturing some of the values of the University of Wisconsin-Extension, Cooperative Extension as: people, multiculturalism, local needs and partnerships, through the multicultural immersion experience in New Orleans.

Ravinia Band


New Orleans Home




Children always represent!


President George W. Bush stands with Fredy Omar outside his newly built home.