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Dairy Modernization is Our Future

Dairy Educators Work with Many Partners

Dairy modernization is the adoption of appropriate technology in housing, feeding, milking and handling manure on the dairy farm. The decision to modernize is based on the farm family’s personal and business goals. Examples of dairy modernization include:

  • Building a new or remodeling a barn for housing cows
  • Building a new or remodeling a parlor for milking cows
  • Building a new or remodeling a barn for calves or heifers
  • Building or remodeling a feed storage structure
  • Building a manure storage structure

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Publication of the Month
PDF file Energy Conservation in Agriculture: Heating Water for Dairy Farms (A3784-2)
Available from UW Extension Publications - Heating water accounts for about 25% of the energy used on a dairy farm.

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