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Human Resource Management

The mission of the Human Resource Management work group is to help participants acquire the knowledge and skills needed to recruit, motivate, and retain quality people.  The work group is currently working on updating the AgVentures Human Resource Management curriculum. However, an earlier version can be ordered from the Center for Dairy Profitability, 608.263.5665.  The objective is to provide the groundwork for agricultural producers to become better and more effective human resource managers though the application of modern management techniques.  State specialists and county agents in this work group are available to assist with workshops and one-on-one consulting with farm families working on improving their human resource department. 

New (2) Agricultural Employment Guidelines

Ken Barnett, Extension Educator, Center for Dairy Profitability. Includes State & Federal laws and provisions regarding employment, July 2014

2013 Human Resource Management on Wisconsin Farms

More than 76,400 people make their living each year as employees on Wisconsin farms. Their educational background and other skills and characteristics vary widely.  Both employees and farmers want to be informed about how farm labor is recruited, and what their most valuable characteristics are. 

To assist them, the University of Wisconsin-Extension (UWEX) FARM Team conducted a survey of Wisconsin farms. UWEX Agriculture Agents submitted the contact information for 417 farms from 38 counties around the state. Some agents sent the survey directly to producers in their county or included the survey in a newsletter. There was also an on-line option for completing the survey. A total of 220 producers from 38 counties completed the survey.  The survey was conducted from late January to mid-April 2013.

New (2) Paper no. 1 - Farm Employee Characteristics PDF Icon

New (2) Paper no. 2 - Wages and Benefits for Farm Employees PDF Icon

New (2) Paper no. 3 - Human Resource Characteristics and Challenges for Wisconsin Farms PDF Icon

Powerpoint presentation on the results of the 2013 Farm Human Resource Survey (Adobe format)

New (2)2013 Human Resource Management on Wisconsin Farms PDF Icon

Helpful Resources for Managers

New (Green) Human Resource Management: Employee Compensation Guide - The Texas A&M System

New (Green) Farm Employee Management: New Employee Orientation - Iowa State University

New (Green) Farm Employee Management: Farm Safety and Hiring Youth on the Farm - Iowa State University

Labor Management in Agriculture - University of California

Agricultural Labor Management - University of Vermont Extension

Employers' Handbook for Agriculture and Horticulture - Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development

Ag Help Wanted:  Guidelines for Managing Agricultural Labor - Western Farm Management Committee

Effective Use of Standard Operating Procedures on Dairies to Improve Herd Health - University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine

Standard Operating Procedures: A Writing Guide - Pennsylvania State University

Developing Effective Standard Operating Procedures - Cornell University

Milking Parlor Efficiencies: Labor Benchmarks for Today’s Milking Parlor - The Ohio State University