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Forage Research and Extension



Forage PowerPoint Slide Sets


          Ash in Forage

          Conditioners for hay and haylage

          Importance of wide swaths in drying hay and haylage

          Wheel traffic effect on alfalfa growth

          Alfalfa Best Practices

          Effect of Wheel Traffic on Alfalfa Yield

          Cold Temperatures and Winter Kill

          Palatability of Alfalfa and Grasses

          Using High Quality Alfalfa Varieties to Stagger Harvest

          Successful Wrapping and Storage of Square Bales

          RoundUp Ready Alfalfa

          Performance of Potato Leafhopper Resistance in Alfalfa

          Aphanomyces Race 2

          Economics of Alfalfa Rotations

          Alfalfa Autotoxicity

          Importance of Seeding Year Alfalfa Yields

          Enhancing Seeding Year Alfalfa with Grasses and Nitrogen

          Alfalfa-Grass Mixtures

          Rust on Orchardgrass and Ryegrass

          How to Process Corn Silage

          New Forage Analyses 

          Nutritional Considerations for Silo Bags and Bunkers

          Starch Analysis

          Forage Crop Use as a Bio-Fuel

          Variability of bypass protein in forages

          Use of Quickbooks and Quicken

          Nutrient Management