1999 Wisconsin Forage Council Annual Symposium Proceedings
Table of Contents

Phosphorus Management on Dairy Farms
How much phosphorus do dairy cows need? – Larry Satter
How much phosphorus do crops need? – Keith Kelling
Survey results of forage nutrient management of MN farms – Mike Russelle
Reducing phosphorus risk with management – Kevin Erb

Silage Making and Feeding
Impact of crop processing on corn silage utilization by dairy cattle – Randy Shaver
How well are bunker silos packed – Brian Holmes

Balancing use of corn silage and alfalfa in dairy rations
Nutritional Considerations – Randy Shaver
Economic Considerations – Gary Frank

Pest Management in alfalfa
Potato leaf hopper – Mark McCaslin
New Diseases – aphanomyces 2/mycoplasma – Rick Peters
Leaf Miner – Brian Jensen

Feeding Forages
Variability of bypass protein in forages –Pat Hoffman
Digestion kinetics of forages – Dave Combs

Pasture fertilization
Roundtable – Farmers, Keith Kelling, Mike Russelle

Pasture Management
Supplementation on pasture – Dan Undersander
Ryegrass overseeding on pasture – Dan Undersander
Evaluation of a simple method for measuring pasture yield – Dennis Cosgrove

Alternate Harvesting and Storage Systems
Feeding Losses and Forage Storage System Costs – Gary Frank
Farmers doing contract feeding – Farmer Panel
Working Successfully with a Custom Operator