2001 Wisconsin Forage Council Proceedings


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Forage Supplies and TMR Centers

Making the most of manure


Corn Silage

Evaluation of corn silage types for best performance

Corn Silage types for best performance

Corn silage cutting height


Alfalfa Production Management

Wisconsin Forage Council AM-PM forage harvest study

Alfalfa cutting height to maximize forge yield and quality

Effect of wheel traffic on alfalfa yield


Alfalfa Nutrient Management

Alfalfa response to summer manure applications

Sulfur status and responses on Wisconsin alfalfa

Micronutrient status of manure


Rotational Grazing for Beef and Dairy Cattle

Supplementing stockers on pasture

Rotational grazing

Stocker Cattle on Pasture

Charles Ylitalo WFC member

Brad  Maybry WFC member

Wisconsin Grazing Profitability Analysis


Molds and Mycotoxins

Understanding and reducing mold growth in hay

Mycotoxin effects on dairy cattle


Long Term Effects of Seeding Year Problems

Understanding autotoxicity in alfalfa



Preventing bloat on pasture

Seeding rate for pastures

Grazing economics-Guell Brothers Farm

Wisconsin Dairy Grazing Profit Study