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Cooperative Extension Exit Interview Process


Effective March 1, 2001, Cooperative Extension is expanding its effort to collect specific information from faculty, academic staff and administrative staff who terminate employment with Cooperative Extension. The information will be retained at the divisional level to assist in addressing issues related to turnover and compensation.

This additional collection of information at time of employment separation is in addition to the UWEX Exit Policy and Procedures. Expectations to implement the UWEX policy continue unchanged. The UWEX policy is available in the online UWEX Employee Handbook, Section 10, pages 39-44.

Please forward the information outlined on the following page to Sharon Klawitter, Director Human Resource Development, within a month of the date of employment separation.

Information should be forwarded in an electronic format to the extent possible. Until a database is established, forward information as word processing electronic files either via e-mail or on a diskette via surface mail. When the database is ready for use, we may move to a different manner of recording and submitting the information that will facilitate data input.

All attempts will be made to maintain the highest level of anonymity possible when data is utilized or shared. However, information relating to new jobs will need to retain some identification with program area/unit and location to be meaningful in addressing compensation or turnover issues. Any data shared will be on a "need to know" basis and will be shielded from Open Records requests to the extent permitted by law (i.e., open records requests granted only if private need to know outweighs public interest for nondisclosure, can¹t shield documents from legal subpoena, etc.).

You are free to determine the best method to collect this information from each departing faculty or academic staff member.

  • You can collect it during a conversation with the employee or through writing.
  • You can collect this information yourself or delegate the responsibility.
  • You can request that a consultant whose services have been retained conduct the exit interview with employees who are reluctant to participate in the process with an immediate supervisor. Forward names and employment end dates for such employees to Sharon Klawitter as soon as the need becomes known.
  • If an employee does not wish to participate in this process, please complete the form as best you can and forward this to Sharon Klawitter, indicating that the employee did not directly furnish the information.
  • District Directors (for county-based faculty and academic staff), State Program Leaders, the Director of Program Support, the Budget Director and the Associate Dean will be held accountable for the timely submission of the information.

Information collected through this effort will reside in the Dean's office.

Leaving & assuming new job at departure

Leaving & not assuming new job at departure