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Many Latino Related Educational Materials and Opportunities are Provided by UW-Extension

Many Latino Related Educational Materials
and Opportunities are Provided by UW-Extension

Welcome = Bienvenido

Welcome to the Cooperative Extension Latino Resources website. This site is devoted to providing resources to assist colleagues in developing and implementing educational programs with and for Latinos in Wisconsin.

Each section of the website is maintained by individuals who collect and screen resources for that respective section. Colleagues are urged to send these individuals resources and requests for resources needed for effective programs.

Featured Resource

Walk one hour in my shoes…Camina una hora en mis zapatos

Walk One Hour in My Shoes is a cultural competency workshop designed to increase one’s ability to understand and work with Latino populations.

As a result of this half-day workshop, participants gain knowledge and skills to build their understanding of the diverse Latino population.  Awareness is gained on newcomers, families established in the United States for generations, and all of the families in between.

Walk One Hour in My Shoes is interactive and designed to guide participants to:

  • Learn about Latino values and culture
  • Understand  how your own culture influences beliefs, values and attitudes
  • Work more effectively with Wisconsin’s Latino population

The presenters speak openly about their own personal experiences and Latino heritage. The curriculum modules include:

  • Review definitions
  • Self-awareness
  • Acceptance
  • Adaptation
  • Keys to working effectively with Latino audiences

Puentes/Bridges Program

Puentes is a community-based nonprofit organization in western Wisconsin that offers Spanish language and cross-cultural services to Wisconsin and Minnesota dairies and communities that employ Mexican workers.  The mission of Puentes is to enhance the economic development of the dairy industry that employees Mexican workers, and build trusting relationships on the dairies and in the communities where they reside.

Puentes has taken many groups of dairy employers and others from their communities on trips to Mexico in an effort to educate and broaden insights.  Cooperative Extension colleagues and their partners have participated for a number of years.

Learn more about the program….

National Clearinghouse

There are many Resources for Working with Latino Clientele located on the Extensión en Español web site. A national clearinghouse for Spanish-language educational resources operated by and for Extension professionals.