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Program Support

Cooperative Extension Program Support consists of 5 work groups that collaborate with Extension colleagues to develop educational programs. View or print a copy of our brochure as a PDF file. Our services include:

Distance Education/Digital Media
Contact: Larry Jones, email: larry.jones@ces.uwex.edu
While campus and county-based educators work on refining their message, the Distance Education/Digital Media staff handles the technology and production details. Some of the services provided by the unit include digital audio and video editing, scriptwriting, establishing satellite uplinks to make programs available to Wisconsin counties via WisSat, video duplication and distribution and compressed video support.

Extension Publishing
Contact: Pam DeVore, email: pam.devore@uwex.edu
Extension Publishing staff works with campus and county colleagues to edit,write, design, distribute and market educational materials based on university research for many different audiences. Publishing staff use print and electronic media to effectively disseminate Extension information on horticulture, agriculture, natural resources, community and economic development, and home and family issues to both internal and external stakeholders.

Library & Media Services
Library Services
The Steenbock Memorial Library provides library services to county and area office Cooperative Extension faculty and staff. For more information, email: asksteenbock@library.wisc.edu or phone 608-263-3899. Please mention your Cooperative Extension affiliation.
Media Services

Contact: Mary O'Connor, email: mary.oconnor@ces.uwex.edu
Media Collection resources supplement face-to-face Extension programming. The collection provides access to more than 2,800 educational resources such as videos, CD-ROMS, PowerPoint presentations, displays, audiotapes and interactive teaching kits. All the materials are purchased or produced by Extension specialists with the goal of supporting programs and providing information on more than 125 topics. Media Collection materials are available for use by all Extension faculty and staff.

Program Development and Evaluation (PD&E)
Contact: Larry Jones, email: larry.jones@ces.uwex.edu
The Program Development and Evaluation unit provides training and technical assistance to help campus and community-based faculty and staff plan, implement and evaluate high quality educational programs. PD&E has played a major role in improving programs and accountability by offering in-service educational programs, resource material development, consultation, administrative support and management of high priority evaluations. To facilitate the adult teaching and learning process, PD&E also provides programming that focuses on instructional design.

Technology Services
Contact: Greg Johll, email: greg.johll@ces.uwex.edu
The staff of Technology Services follows the latest developments in technology and their possible applications for Extension. Web designers and database specialists work with Extension faculty and staff to develop applications targeted to specific needs. Trainers educate colleagues about state-of-the-art computer programs, and help desk technicians ensure that Extension’s electronic systems function smoothly.

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Additional Resources

Applied Population Laboratory
The Applied Population Laboratory (APL) is a group of research and outreach professionals dedicated to providing the most reliable demographic and economic data currently available. APL is also the coordinating agency of the Wisconsin State Data Center.