Animal Waste Management


Mike Hirschi
University of Illinois
(217) 333-9410

Ted Funk
University of Illinois
(217) 333-9313


The University of Illinois coordinates the Animal Waste Management
Theme for the Great Lakes Regional Water Program.


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building bridges through regional conservation trainingUpdated
This initiative provides training to the “information multipliers” who work with farmers on conservation issues at both the state and regional levels. A 2008 needs assessment among these professionals led to the the launch of a regional conservation training website and database, developed by Extension and NRCS (, to host regional and state-based conservation training opportunities in the Great Lakes states Read more.

keeping it in the root zone
In July 2006, nearly 1300 producers, manure haulers and other agricultural professionals converged on St. Johns, Michigan to learn about new approaches to manure handling and applications. Read more about the highly successful Great Lakes Manure Handling Expo.


best management practices for pathogen control in manure management systems
This online bulletin from the University of Minnesota provides livestock producers with the tools to help control pathogenic microorganisms on their farms. View the bulletin.

Water research and outreach that begin in a single state are often the foundation for collaborative, multi-state programs and projects. The following are just a few single-state initiatives that contribute to the Animal Waste Management Theme. If you are interested in collaborating on a related program, please contact Mike Hirschi or Ted Funk (see contact info at left).

manure rate on-farm demonstration project, 2004-2008
More than 600 producers, commercial applicators, agency staff and other agricultural professionals have learned about environmentally sound management practices and new technology through the various workshops, demonstrations and meetings presented throughout this project. Read more about this and other Minnesota projects in Animal Waste Management.

manure = money for midwest farmers
This Ohio program demonstrates alternative time windows for manure nutrient applications to better utilize nutrients available in animal manure. Demonstrations of liquid swine manure applications in corn and wheat have shown a potential savings of $55 and $40 per acre, respectively, when compared to purchased nitrogen fertilizer. Read more about this and other Ohio programs in Animal Waste Management.

illinois manure management moves online
Developing a comprehensive manure management plan just got easier for livestock producers in Illinois. Read more about this and other Illinois programs in Animal Waste Management. Visit the Illinois Manure Management Plan website.

michigan manure resources network
Michigan State University helps connect farmers with a surplus of manure with those who need it for crop production. Read more about this and other Michigan programs in Animal Waste Management.

nutrient management planning on wisconsin farms
The Multi-agency Land and Water Education Grant (MALWEG) Program helps farmers across Wisconsin learn about cost-effective practices to improve farm productivity while protecting the environment. Current projects are delivering nutrient management training to 150 Wisconsin farmers. Learn more about this
and other Wisconsin Programs in Animal Waste Management.