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Working with Hmong Audiences - 
A Collection of Resources for Nutrition Education

Hmong Design Graphic   This collection of resources was gathered by a Work Group of Cooperative Extension educators from Wisconsin and Minnesota.  The members of the Work Group came together to share experiences, resources and knowledge related to working with Hmong audiences in the area of nutrition education.  Additional resources related to working with or teaching Hmong families and individuals are being sought and developed by members of the Work Group, and will be posted as they become available.

Notes from Wisconsin/Minnesota Hmong Work Group meetings or conferences:

History and Culture of the Hmong people

The Hmong in Wisconsin and Minnesota

Books, Reference Materials and Web Sites on Hmong Audiences

Nutrition Education Needs of Hmong Learners

  1. Summaries of available information on the nutrition education needs of Hmong learners, based on the core areas:
    • Food Security
    • Food Safety
    • Diet Quality
      • "Hmong Food." A brief description of traditional foods and eating patterns of Hmong families.
      • "Cultural Diversity: Eating in America-Hmong." A summary of common eating habits of Hmong families in America and implications for nutrition education programs with Hmong learners.
      • "Hmong American Food Practices, Customs, and Holidays-Ethnic and Regional Food Practices Series." A 20-page booklet by the American Dietetic Association and the American Diabetes Association describing typical foods and meals eaten by Hmong Americans. Includes a nutrient database for selected foods, a glossary and implications for nutrition education with Hmong learners. $10.00 (plus shipping and handling) for non-ADA members. Ordering information: (800) 877-1600 ext. 5000; or go to:
    • Food Resource Management
  2. Assessing the Nutrition Education Needs of Hmong Learners - Tools for Educators

Nutrition Education Resources for Hmong Learners

  1. Planning:  tools and worksheets to facilitate planning educational programs and activities
  2. Teaching resources - Activities, written material and handouts, videos, etc.
    • Resources for teaching about Food Safety
      • "Keep Your Food Safe" Booklet in Hmong - PDF*
      • "Keep Your Food Safe" Booklet in English - PDF*
      • "Food Safety at Home" teaching materials. (Not available in Hmong language, but may be suitable for use with Hmong learners.) A kitchen scene depicting common kitchen hazards. Handouts, poster, training guides and a CD-ROM version are available. Ordering information available at:
    • Resources for teaching about Choosing a Good Diet (Diet Quality) (includes feeding children, breastfeeding)
    • Resources for teaching about Food Resource Management (includes food preparation)
  3. Evaluation tools/ideas for use in documenting knowledge and/or behavior changes by learners.

Chat Room for extension educators who work with Hmong audiences, for sharing ideas, challenges and solutions. (Future resource)

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