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2009 Keynote

In the age of real-time: The complex, social and serendipitous learning offered via the Web

Presenter Teemu Arina, CEO, Dicole Ltd.

Abstract We live at a time of great change, increasing complexity, mobility, and non-linearity, and, therefore, great opportunity: the age of real-time. In this age, collaboration and communication can happen simultaneously. Interaction and information become primary.

The spirit of this age is curiosity towards the impossible, which is the focus of the future learning manifesto that Teemu will share. Salient ideas—or technologically-empowered versions called temes—shape our reality through complex interlinked exchanges of meaning. Teemu perceives his network as his second brain where most of his learning occurs. Social technologies link people together like one nervous system that stretches around the world. In the process, the network unleashes human creativity at levels never before seen.

Teemu is a social technology specialist, consultant, author, speaker, blogger, and CEO of Dicole Ltd. in Finland. At the age of 17 he taught his first semester on digital media culture and emerging technologies. He has already spent one-third of his young life as an entrepreneur, having worked in multiple fields to understand the societal changes as an alternative thinker, social media commentator, social technology architect, and advisor to various organizations. He currently advises, implements, and leads successful networked-learning projects utilizing aspects of social technologies and open innovation. Visit his his blog:

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