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2006 Keynote

Efficiency in learning: Applying cognitive load theory to distance learning

Presenter Ruth Clark, Clark Training & Consulting

Abstract In 2005 one-third of training in large organizations was delivered through some form of electronic distance learning. The growing reliance on synchronous and asynchronous distance learning technologies as a cost-effective delivery alternative demands high-quality e-learning environments. What do we know about what makes e-learning effective? What evidence do we have about the best use of visuals, on-screen text, and audio? How can instructional methods such as examples and practice be best implemented in e-learning? Based on over 25 years of research on cognitive load theory by Dr. John Sweller and an international team of instructional psychologists, we will learn evidence-based methods proven to result in efficient distance learning environments. An efficient learning environment is one which is proven to lead to faster learning, better learning, or both.

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