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2006 Forum

Linking research to practice: Answering real questions from practitioners

Presenter Moderator: Dr. Terry Gibson, Emeritus Professor, University of Wisconsin–Madison and Panelists: Roger Hiemstra, Senior Research Associate, American Distance Education Consortium; Dr. Traci Sitzmann, Advanced Distributed Learning Co-Laboratory; and Robert Threlkeld, Senior Research Associate, Monterey Institute for Technology and Education

Abstract The traditional lines between distance education and campus teaching are changing, blending, and blurring the roles and responsibilities of faculty and instructional support personnel. As faculty makes greater use of online course delivery, technology support departments are expected to offer instructional support similar to that found in distance, adult, and extension education services.

This forum will explore the new issues and dynamics of faculty support that arise as classroom teaching blends with online course development. It will present and discuss practical ways that technology support personnel can assist faculty with instructional design to meet new institutional initiatives seeking improved quality of online classes. Join in on the discussion by panelists representing faculty,instructional support,and institutional perspectives.

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