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2007 Keynote

Emerging models of learning/teaching via 'cyberinfrastructure'

Presenter Dr. Chris Dede, Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies, Technology, Innovation, and Education, Harvard University

Abstract Far from the popular view of distance education providing less than face-to-face instruction, learning experiences using sophisticated media now enable powerful pedagogies well beyond what is possible in classroom settings. 'Cyberinfrastructure' is an evolving effort to make massive digital information available for integration into the learning/teaching process. New forms of distance education pedagogy will emerge enabling instructors and learners to review and interpret this wealth of digital data. Dr. Dede will describe the ambitious vision for cyberinfrastructure: the integration of computing, data and networks, digitally-enabled sensors, and observatories and experimental facilities. Cyberinfrastructure enables exciting models of learning/teaching now emerging in distance education, forms of pedagogy in which instructors help participants to interpret rich experiences. This session describes both the opportunities and challenges in rethinking teaching and assessment to prepare students for 21st Century roles in a "flat" world.

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