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2007 Keynote

Leadership counts ... and adds more than numbers

Presenter Darcy Walsh Hardy, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Executive Director, University of Texas System TeleCampus

Abstract Often the success of distance education programs is defined by numbers -- number of enrollments, number of FTEs, number of courses, number of faculty, completion rates, number of graduates, and more. While these are all good indicators, success should also be defined by how well an organization works together to reach its goals. Demands on distance education leaders are significant. Challenges are a constant. If the leadership is not solid, it becomes difficult for the organization to be successful. Working with administrators and state leaders, dealing with lean budgets, meeting the growing needs of students and faculty, and not letting the technology get ahead of you are just some of the issues distance educators face on a regular basis. Yet through these demands and stress points, it is critical for the leadership to maintain a balance between driving the organization forward and creating a nurturing and productive environment for the staff.

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