The Mildred B. and Charles A. Wedemeyer Excellence in Distance Education Award has been presented since 1987 for distinguished contributions to the scholarship and practice of distance education.

Charles A. Wedemeyer (1911-1999) -- Distance Education Pioneer and Visionary

Charles Wedemeyer championed diversity in learning options and supported learner access and choice throughout his work as an author, researcher, instructor, and administrator. In the mid-twentieth century he outlined a vision for the use of telecommunications and media as instructional tools that would free teaching and learning from the confinements of the classroom and clock. That vision had global influence and laid the foundation for much of today's distance education theory and practice.

The Wedemeyer Award bears the names of Charles and Mildred, his wife and partner in advocating for the needs of all learners.

Charles Wedemeyer

"Those whom Distance Education has reached out and touched, "said James: "owe more than they know and far more than they can repay to him."

— Sir Walter James, on the occasion of Charles Wedemeyer's award of the Doctorate of the Open University