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1997 Archived Issues

Past issues, along with a record of interactive comments from electronic mailing list users are here.

January 1997: Volume 2.3
Focus Article: Instructional Communications Systems (ICS) Training, Resources, Facilities: 1996 in Review
January Updates and Other Items

February 1997: Volume 2.4
Focus Article: Under the VITAL Umbrella - Projects in Process

March 1997: Volume 2.5
Focus Article: A Collaborative Course - Faculty Planning, Coordination and Reflections
March Updates and Other Items

April 1997: Volume 2.6
Focus Article: Technology and Pedagogy: MIT's Research and Applications
April Updates and Other Items

May 1997: Volume 2.7
Focus Article: Technology and Pedagogy: Perspectives and Struggles
May Updates and Other Items

June 1997: Volume 2.8
Focus Article: Technology and Pedagogy - Perspectives and Struggles
June Updates and Other Items

July, 1997 — No Issue

August 1997: Volume 2.9
Focus Article: Using PBS Telecourses in Distance Education
August Updates and Other Items

September 1997: Volume 2.10
Focus Article: Successful Curriculum Design for Asynchronous Distance Education Using Lotus LearningSpace

October 1997: Volume 2.11
Focus Article: Stepping up the Pace of Audiographics - A New Look for Fall 1997

November 1997: Volume 2.12
Focus Article: Videoconferencing: Benefits, Design and Potential

December 1997: Volume 2.13
Focus Article: Media Mix and Match: Two Examples

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