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August 1999: Volume 4.7

FOCUS - Getting to Know You: Broadening the Social Element in Distance Education

TECH LINES - Compiled from News Releases

TECH ED - National Governor's Assn. to Stress Postsecondary Education in Year 2000 Agenda, Don't Blame Teachers for Low Computer Use in Classrooms, Join a Consortium of College Testing Centers Supporting Distance Learning

BIZ/ED - Partners in Education, Welcome to College-Now Meet our Sponsor, Digital Collaboration Factors

DID YOU KNOW? - About Vacation and Work, Thomas Edison State College is Ranked one of "Top 20", The Mind is Immortal

TECH FUNDS - $135 Million to Support Technology in the Classroom, $70,000 to be Distributed, Gore Announces $10 Million in New Federal Education Funds/span>

TECH READS - Educational Technology & Society, Video and Presentation Technologies-Syllabus, The Pew Program in Learning and Technology Newsletter

TECH TRENDS - Wired on Campus E-Life , City Kids More Likely to be Wired

TECH POSITIONS - Franklin ID Specialist for DL, Library Media Services Dept. Head at Baltimore U

NEW ON THE LIST - Welcome to New Subscribers

FYI - News, Conferences, Institutes, Events

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In-Briefs and Updates

SEPTEMBER ISSUE - FOCUS:   New Learning Environments

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