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ED - Professors Stressed over Technology, Technology and Collaboration are Needed for Lifelong Learning

PROFESSORS STRESSED OVER TECHNOLOGY-The stress of staying up-to-date with technology affects more professors than traditional stresses such as teaching loads and publishing demands, according to a recent survey conducted by University of California, Los Angeles. The survey shows that 67 percent of professors are regularly stressed by keeping up with merging technology, compared with 62 percent stressed by teaching loads, and 50 percent stressed by research or publishing pressures. Researchers say fear may be preventing professors from using new technology. Only 35 percent of professors use the Internet for research purposes, while 38 percent use technology to prepare presentations for classes. The survey results indicate that colleges should work to improve instructors' computer skills in order to meet the needs of students who have grown up using computers and are comfortable using new technologies. (Associated Press 30 Aug 99 - Edupage 1 Sept 99)

TECHNOLOGY AND COLLABORATION ARE NEEDED FOR LIFELONG LEARNING- Institutions of higher education need to focus on encouraging lifelong learning, in part by ensuring that students have access to distance learning technology, according to a report written by public-university presidents belonging to the Kellogg Commission on the Future of State and Land-grant Universities. Colleges and universities should invest in new technologies and prepare students to continue their education by using collaborative, interactive teaching methods to teach critical-thinking skills. In order to create a "learning society," education should be universally accessible and lifelong learning should be promoted to people of all ages, the report says. To further the goal of lifelong education, the report suggests that universities team with elementary and secondary schools, as well as businesses and governments, to make educational resources available to everyone. The group also supports the formation of accredited groups devoted to setting standards for lifelong learning programs and distance education. (Chronicle of Higher Education Online 16 Sept 99 - Edupage 17 Sept 99)


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