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LINES - Compiled from International News Releases

* Is Distance Learning becoming web-based? According to Hezel Associates, PBS is the largest distance learning provider in the USA - and while PBS supplements video with web-based materials, there is no evidence video is going away. Although many startups have been web-based since '96, video is still widely used, and will be carried increasingly on the Internet. (Hezel Associates, Educational Telecommunications and Distance Learning: The State by State Analysis, 1998-99)

* A poll by @plan indicated that a majority of Internet users (73%) strongly oppose taxing Internet transactions. (USA Today 09/14/99)

* Intel plans to begin offering electronic commerce server farms that will allow businesses to rent round-the-clock computer power centrally managed by Intel. Intel will equip the server farms with state-of-the-art controls and encryption. (Financial Times 22 Sept 99)

* Sloan School of Management at MIT is requiring applicants for the class of 2001 to register electronically. In addition to successful registration results, three-quarters of the new class independently formed an online chat room. (Business Week 13 Sept 99)

* The recent E-Business & Technology Survey conducted by the Cutter Consortium indicates that 65 percent of businesses lack an overall e-commerce strategy, and almost a fourth of companies do not have a basic business and implementation plan for e-commerce. (InternetWeek 6 Sept 99)

* An increasing number of companies are creating self-service HR for their employees, allowing them to make valuable transactions from any browser in the world: i.e. manage their retirement, view past performance reviews, apply for internal jobs, participate in feedback surveys, enroll for training activities, etc. For more see: (TechLearn Trends 15 Sept 99)

* A study in Education Week shows that while software and the Internet are increasingly being used in the nations schools, many teachers struggle to make use of them. It's difficult to find what they're looking for, their computers lack sufficient power and expenses are still too high. (Washington Post 23 Sept 99)


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