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2001 Archived Issues

Past issues, along with a record of interactive comments from electronic mailing list users are archived here. The new issue is produced the last day of the month, and carries the date of the current month.

January 2001: Volume 6.1
Focus Article: Involving the Deaf Community in Distance Teaching and Learning

February 2001: Volume 6.2
No Focus Article

March 2001: Volume 6.3
Focus Article: Assessment Tools for Distance Education

April 2001: Volume 6.4
Focus Article: Learning Readiness Assessments and Organizational Culture: Keys to Effective e-Learning

May 2001: Volume 6.5
Focus Article: The Ever Changing Nature of Copyright and Fair Use: Where Are We Today?"

June 2001 (In-Brief)
No Focus Article

July 2001: Volume 6.6
Focus Article: Digital Rights Management in Distance Learning - Watch this Space

August 2001: Volume 6.7
Focus Article: Web Accessibility: Creating Pages More People Can Access

September 2001: Volume 6.8
Focus Article: Fight Prejudice through Cultural Sharing via Videoconferencing

October 2001: Volume 6.9
Focus Article: IDEAS Portal Web Site: One Online Stop for Wisconsin's PK-16 Education Community

November 2001: Volume 6.10
Focus Article: Business Uses of Distance Education and Knowledge Management: a Case Study

December 2001 — No Issue

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