ERC Staff Listing


445 Henry Mall, Room 202
Madison, WI 53706
PHONE: 608-262-0020 FAX: 608-262-2031

Jed Colquhoun - Co-Director
Phone: 608-279-2142      E-mail:

Patrick Robinson - Co-Director
Environmental Studies Specialist
Phone: 920-465-2175      E-mail:

Brian Adams - Instructional Designer
Phone: 608-265-3726      E-mail:

Christine Anderson - Grant and Contract Management, Administrative Specialist
Phone: 608-262-1369      E-mail:

Todd Andraski - Soil & Water Management, Soil Sciences
Phone: 608-265-5370      E-mail:

Monica Burow - Department Administrator
Phone: 608-262-3652      E-mail:

Christal Campbell - Aquatic Invasive Species Education Specialist
Phone: 608-266-0061      E-mail:

Tim Campbell - Aquatic Invasives Species Outreach Specialist
Phone:      E-mail:

Sarah Congdon - Web & Graphic Artist
Phone: 608-265-3645      E-mail:

Katherine Curtis - Demography Specialist
Phone: 608-890-1900      E-mail:     

Lisa Ebert - Grants and Fiscal Administrative Specialist
Phone: 608-262-2106      E-mail:     

Kevin Erb - Conservation Professional Development and Training Coord.
Phone: 920-391-4652      E-mail:     

Ken Genskow - Director, Basin Educator Program
Phone: 608-262-8756      E-mail:     

Janice Kepka - Instructional Design and Technology Specialist
Phone: 608-263-4695      E-mail:

Kim Kies - Evaluation Associate
Phone: 608-890-0718      E-mail:

Jenna Klink - Water Resources Program Evaluation Specialist
Phone: 608-265-9023      E-mail:

Vikram Koundinya - Evaluation Associate
Phone: 608-265-3473      E-mail:

John Kriva - Communications and Marketing Specialist
Phone: 608-262-3686      E-mail:

Martha Martin - University Services Associate
Phone: 608-262-0020      E-mail:

Astrid Newenhouse - Senior Scientist
Phone: 608-262-2635      E-mail:

Rebecca Power - Cooperative Extension Regional Water Quality Liaison
Phone: 608-263-3425      E-mail:

Kathy Rand - University Services Associate
Phone: 608-262-2634      E-mail:

Kate Reilly - Outreach Program Manager
Phone: 608-265-5496      E-mail:

Amber Schmeckel - Marketing and Communications Specialist
Phone: 608-262-1377 E-mail:

Bret Shaw - Environmental Communications Specialist
Phone: 608-890-1878      E-mail:     

Kris Stepenuck - Volunteer Water Monitoring Coordinator
Phone: 608-265-3887      E-mail:

Jeff Strobel - Graphics Coordinator
Phone: 608-262-4004      E-mail:

Amy Torrey - Senior Artist
Phone: 608-262-2643      E-mail:

Brock Woods - Purple Loosestrife Bio-Control Coordinator
Phone: 608-221-6349      E-mail:

Andy Yencha - USDA/MALWEG Project Liaison
Phone: 414-290-2431      E-mail:


Environmental Resources Center Emeritus Affiliates

Elaine Andrews - Emeritus, Environmental Education Specialist
Phone:      E-mail:

Gary Jackson - Emeritus Professor
Phone:      E-mail:

Peter Nowak - Emeritus, Soil & Water Management Specialist
Phone: 608-265-3581      E-mail:

Jim Peterson - Emeritus, Water Resources Specialist
Phone: 608-262-0020      E-mail:


Environmental Resources Center Affiliates

Bill Bland - Faculty Affiliate, Soil and Water Management, Soil Science
Phone: 608-262-0221      E-mail:

Dennis Frame - Co-Director, Discovery Farms
Phone: 715-983-2257      E-mail:

Brian Russart - Milwaukee County Parks, Natural Areas Coordinator
Phone: 414-257-6521      E-mail:

Catherine Techtmann - Education Coordinator, Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center
Phone: 715-685-9983      E-mail:

Mark Verhagen - Natural Areas Management Specialist, Wehr Nature Center
Phone: 414-425-8550      E-mail:


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