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Pollution Assessment and Prevention National Facilitation Project

Pollution Assessment and Prevention Theme Team

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The Water Quality Pollution Assessment and Prevention Theme Team is a network of Extension and other educators who promote self-assessments, voluntary actions and monitoring by private land-use managers and residents to protect and restore water quality.

The project goal is to facilitate integrated extension, research and education programs that enhance the quality, reach, and outcomes of voluntary water pollution assessment and prevention programs, particularly on farms and in homes.

Online Resources

Agroecology Research Bibliography
A list of research projects representing work on alternative farming systems and agroecological research with implications for water quality.

Quarterly on-line newsletters featuring success stories and lessons learned from pollution prevention educational programming conducted by Extension educators or researchers.

Sample stories:

A collection of pollution prevention materials. Topics range widely from wastewater management to petrochemical management to private wells.

Directory of state extension Water Quality Coordinators and Contacts.

Contact information for individuals working directly on this project.


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