Drinking Water Protection

Farm*A*Syst and Home*A*Syst are nationally recognized for helping protect drinking water from contamination. Private well owners have relied on the program to identify actions to prevent pollution. Communities have turned to the program to involve all their members in efforts to protect well, reservoirs and other public supplies of drinking water.


Private Well Protection

Public Water Supply

Farm*A*Syst and Home*A*Syst are recognized nationally for helping 23 million private well owners who are not protected by the Safe Drinking Water Act and are responsible for safeguarding their drinking water. Each state Farm*A*Syst/Home*A*Syst program has developed custom worksheets to protect the drinking water of people who live on farms and in rural residences.

Home*A*Syst identifies pollution risks from poorly maintained wells, faulty septic systems and other activities in and around the home, while Farm*A*Syst helps pinpoint risks involving livestock facilities and animal waste, pesticide management, fertilizer use, and other farm and ranch activities.

Beginning with wellhead protection programs, communities have recognized the benefits of Farm*A*Syst and Home*A*Syst in protecting public water supplies. They rely on Farm*A*Syst and Home*A*Syst assessment tools to support voluntary action by a diverse group of individuals such as farmers, lakeshore residents, and business owners who serve customers water from their own wells.

By collecting results from assessments of individual properties, communities have discovered a sound approach to planning that allows them to refine state assessment information with accurate local data and prioritize potential contamination risks.

Farm*A*Syst and Home*A*Syst have created special opportunities for regional protection activities, enabling communities to work with neighboring private well owners to prevent pollution of a shared resource--groundwater.

Communities can run Farm*A*Syst and Home*A*Syst programs using local activities and organizations such as volunteers, schools and health departments. With its extensive partnerships, Farm*A*Syst and Home*A*Syst link communities into public and private sector programs that offer critical assistance and resources.



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