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Scheduling a Videoconference

Need to have a videoconference with three or more locations? Then our multipoint solutions can help. We offer multiple solutions to UW Madison departments, please contact us to discuss what will work best for you.   

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Videoconference services include:

  • Point-to-Point (P2P):

    If you have a videoconference system capable of making calls using the H.323 standard and will be connecting with only one other videoconference site, you can simply call that site using their videoconference unit's IP number. There is no need to schedule the call with ICS.

    Note: if you are dialing P2P to another institution that is a member of Internet2, simply call their video unit's IP number. The network routers will route the call over Internet2 automatically, there is nothing you have to do to schedule this route. To determine if your building's network can use Internet2, refer to our SiteSupport Test Tools to use Internet2 Detective

    For more info see our Frequently Asked Questions

  • Commons Multipoint:

    When meeting with other Internet2-member universities or research facilities outside of Wisconsin, you may qualify to use our Internet2 Commons Multipoint service which may be used when all locations are connected by Internet or Internet2 using H.323. Fees for this basic service are paid by UW Madison's Division of Information Technology (DoIT). If you do not qaulify for this service, use our next service listed below, the "Full Service Multipoint".

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    Talk with our scheduling agent with questions

  • Full Service Multipoint:

    ICS provides full service multipoint and P2P videoconferences with the ability to connect to sites using an H.323-based codec (IP or Internet), H.320 (ISDN), BadgerNet ITp and HPLL, and voice-only calls. Services include event and room scheduling and technical support during the conference. This service is used when all sites are within Wisconsin or a gateway is needed to connect with video rooms not on the Internet or Internet2. ICS fees apply to this service.

    ICS contact info and schedule request form

Alternatives or Add-ons to Videoconferencing:

ICS also offers audioconferencing,  webconferencingwebcasting and streaming services that can reach just about any place on Earth, even where there is no videoconference room. We can offer guidance on how to choose which delivery medium is best for you and how to effectively use each type of teleconference.

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