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I went to UW-Marinette for my first two years of college. I was able to attend classes by professors who honestly cared about me as a student and were passionate about what they taught. UW-Marinette helped me on a personal level through the GSA. It helped me figure out that being me is 100% awesome and made me proud to be a member of the LGBTQ community. UW-Marinette is an awesome place - I wish everyone started their college career there.

2017 Livestock Judging Results from Area Animal Science Days

(Madison) The 2017 Area Animal Science Days were held in Wood, Trempealeau and Dodge counties.  Youth involved judged breeding and market classes of each of the following species, swine, beef, sheep and in some locations meat goats.  Youth also answered a set of species questions and seniors judges gave oral reasons on selected classes.  Congratulations again to all participants in this year’s regional contests.  The top three Senior and Junior Teams from each site earned the opportunity to compete at the State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest that was held on Monday, July 24th at the Lodi Fairgrounds.  The contest site has pictures and scores from the event.  This program is sponsored by the WI 4-H Foundation, UW Animal Sciences Departments, and WI 4-H Youth Development.   Wood County: Wednesday, June 21 Seniors:  1st –Ceara Cull, Waukesha ; 2nd  - Ambrose Wiering, Manitowoc; 3rd –Clayton Walsh, Juneau; 4th –Vanessa Roberts, Manitowoc; 5th – Katya Konopacki, Manitowoc; 6th Megan Greif, Manitowoc; 7th-Alek Konopacki, Manitowoc; 8th-Hannah Tremaine, Waukesha,  9th- Mason Roscizewski, Waukesha; 10th-Daniel Walsh, Juneau Senior Reasons Individuals:  1st –Ambrose Wiering, Manitowoc Senior Overall Team:  1st –Manitowoc  2nd -Waukesha Senior Reasons Team:  Manitowoc Juniors:  1st – Trenna Cherney, Juneau; 2nd – Sydney Cherney, Juneau 3rd – Gabriel Wohlrab, Juneau; 4th – Cody Vogel, Manitowoc 5th – Taylor Maroszek, Outagamie; 6th-Valeria Rutter, Outagamie; 7th- Dominic Sheets, Manitowoc; 8th – Kiley Smith, Manitowoc; 9th-Ty Sheets, Manitowoc; 10th-Aren Engelbrecht, Manitowoc Junior Overall Team:  1st – Juneau; 2nd – Manitowoc   Trempealau County: Thursday, June 22 Seniors:  1st – Blake Johnson, Trempealeau ; 2nd – Dillin Meier, Grant; 3rd –Erika Kinnard, Dunn; 4th –Rachel Moseley, Jackson; 5th – Nicole Welke, Eau Claire; 6th; Danielle Zukowski, Dunn; 7th-Lindsey Augustine, Pierce; 8th-Jack Edwards, Dunn; 9th-Kim Hudson, Pierce; 10th-Jessica Anderson, Grant. Senior Reasons Individuals:  1st – Blake Johnson, Trempealeau Senior Overall Team:  1st –Dunn, 2nd - Pierce Senior Reasons Team:  1st –Dunn Juniors 1st – Gavin Esser, Grant; 2nd – Jessica Patterson, Grant; 3rd – Avery Crooks, Grant 4th –Chad Achenbach, Crawford; 5th – Emily Zukowski- Dunn; 6th- Trent Laufenberg, Jackson; 7th-Arenden Jentz, Grant, 8th- Cara Capatske, Pierce, 9th- Austin Laufenberg, Jackson, 10th-Madelyn Thornton, Grant Junior Overall Team:  1st –Grant; 2nd –Crawford   Dodge County: Friday, June 23 Seniors:  Tied for 1st – Brandon Springer, Iowa, Tied for 1st: Caden Nicolaus, Sheboygan,  2nd – Morgan Vondra, Iowa, 3rd – Martina Steffes, Iowa; 4th Anna Kitzerow, Sheboygan;  5th – Colton Klecker, Jefferson,  6th- Danielle Chwala, Jefferson; 7th-Blaine Springer, Iowa; 8th –Alexis Schultz, Jefferson; 9th –Kailen Smerchek, Marathon, 10th- Issac Kohlman, Sheboygan Senior Reasons Individuals:  1st –Kailen Smerchek, Marathon County Senior Overall Team:  1st – Iowa County; 2nd – Sheboygan County Senior Reasons Team:  Marathon County Juniors:  1st – Emma Steffes, Iowa; 2nd – Samantha Rake, Columbia, 3rd – Luke Schubert, Iowa; 4th – Cameron Patterson, Iowa 5th – Cora Kohlman, Sheboygan; 6th Ellie Robinson, Iowa; 7th, Mae Sann, Marathon, 8thKaycee Lindner, Iowa, 9th Alex Falkowski, Marathon; 10th Skylar Garthwaite, Iowa Junior Overall Team:  1st – Iowa; 2nd –Columbia   For contest pictures go to the following link: Directions:  click on the album you want, click on the picture you want, click on more on top of the picture, click on download to download the picture to your computer.  Photos should have titles to help with matching up names/teams with photos.   Wood: Junior Individuals Youth 1st – 5th Front Row L to R:  Trenna Cherney, Sydney Cherney, Gabriel Wohlrab, Cody Vogel, Taylor Moroszek Youth 6th – 10th Back Row L to R: Valerie Rutter, Dominick Sheets, Kiley Smith, Ty Sheets, Aren Engelbrecht Juniors 1st place Team –Juneau– Front Row L to R: Gabriel Wohlrab, Sydnie Cherney, Ethan Lulich, Trenna Cherney Senior Individuals Youth 1st – 5th Front Row L to R: Ceara Cull, Ambrose Wiering, Clayton Walsh, Vanessa Roberts, Katya Konopacki Youth 6th – 10th Back Row:Megan Greif, Alek Konopacki, Hannah Tremiane, Mason Roscizewski, Daniel Walsh Seniors 1st place Manitowoc Co.   L to R:  Katya Konopacki, Vanessa Roberts, Megan Greif, Ambrose Wiering   Trempealeau: Youth 1st – 5th Front Row Left to Right:  Gavin Esser, Jessica Patterson, Avery Croosk, Chad Achenbach, Emily Zukowski Youth 6th – 10th Back Row Left to Right: Trent Laufenberg, Arendan Jentz, Cora Capatske, Austin Laufenberg, Madelyn Thornton Junior Top Team: Grant Left to Right: Arendan Jentz, Avery Crooks, Jessica Patterson, Gavin Esser Senior Individuals Youth 1st – 5th Front Row Left to Right: Blake Johnson, Dillin Meier, Erika Kinnard, Rachel Moseley, Nicole Welke Youth 6th – 10th Back Row Left to Right:  Danielle Zukowski, Lindsey Augustine, Jack Edwards, Kim Hudson, Jessica Anderson Senior Top Team: Dunn 1st Left to right: Juneau: Danielle Zukowski, Erika Kinnard, Jack Edwards, Addie Grossbier   Dodge: Junior Individuals Youth 1st – 5th Back Row Left to Right:  Back Row Left to Right: Emma Steffes, Samantha Rake, Luke Schubert, Cameron Patterson, Cora Kohlman Youth 6th – 10th Front Row Left to Right: Front Row Left to Right:  Ellie Robinson, Mae Sann, Kaycee Lindner (missing) Alex Falkowski, Skylar Garthwaite Junior Top Team: Iowa Left to Right:  Luke Schubert, Ellie Robinson, Cameron Patterson, Emma Steffes Senior Individuals Youth 1st – 5th Back Row Left to Right:  Brandon Springer, Caden Nicolaus, Morgan Vondra, Martina Steffes, Anna Kitzerow, Colton Clecker Youth 6th – 10th Front Row Left to Right: Danielle Chwala, Blaine Springer, Alexis Schultz, Kailen Smerchek, Issac Kohlman   Senior Top Team Iowa County: 1st Left to right: Blaine Springer, Morgan Vondra, Martina Steffes, Brandon Springer, Bree Gaffney  

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