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About Us

Are you one of the 150,000+ people UW-Extension reaches in just one day?
3,529 community members who have contact with community-based Cooperative Extension educators [1]
524 learners in a Continuing Education course or distance-learning program
488 aspiring students who submit an electronic application through UW HELP
58,133 participants at sessions held at Extension Conference Centers [2]
18 participants in training courses at Small Business Development Centers
68,057 listeners to Wisconsin Public Radio
80,000 viewers of Wisconsin Public Television
[1] Calendar year 2011.
[2] Calendar year 2014.
All other figures are for July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012.

UW-Extension: Who We Are/What We Do

The University of Wisconsin-Extension works in partnership with 26 UW System campuses, 72 Wisconsin counties, three tribal governments, and other public and private organizations to fulfill its public service mission. This is the “Wisconsin Idea” – extending the university’s boundaries to the corners of the state.

Through statewide outreach networks, UW-Extension also connects university research to the specific needs and interests of residents and communities. Educators, working on campuses and in communities, use up-to-date research and careful analysis to help Wisconsin people address economic, social and environmental issues.

Benefits for All Ages and Stages

UW-Extension educational programs help people grow and succeed at all stages of life. Our programs serve children, retirees and working adults who need updated education to pursue new career paths. Flexible delivery methods, including the use of distance-learning technologies, let people enjoy the benefits of “anytime, anyplace” education.

Institutional Organization

UW-Extension is made up of four divisions:


  • Chancellor

The chancellor of UW-Extension also serves as chancellor of the University of Wisconsin Colleges, freshman/sophomore campuses of the UW System, although the two remain separate institutions. The Chancellor's office as well as UW-Extension's main offices are located at:
432 N. Lake Street
Madison, WI 53706

Diverse Funding Sources and Partners

Funding Sources and Partners Pie Chart: Program revenue 42%, State 29%, Federal 19%, County 8%, Corporation for Public Broadcasting 2%Ongoing support for UW-Extension comes from state, county, tribal and federal government sources. Fees, gifts, grants and contracts from the public and private sectors provide additional revenue.

UW-Extension allocates 42% of its expenditures to the 26 UW campuses. Supporting the UW System’s public service mission, these dollars are used for business and management education and continuing education courses, as well as research in agriculture, nutrition, economics, natural resources, human development and other areas.