Our Mission

Through UW-Extension, people of Wisconsin and beyond can access university resources and engage in learning, wherever they live and work. Fundamental to this mission are UW-Extension’s partnerships with the 26 UW campuses, the county and tribal governments, and other public and private organizations. Fulfilling the promise of the Wisconsin Idea, UW-Extension extends the boundaries of the university to the boundaries of the state and helps the university establish beneficial connections with all of its stakeholders.

Fulfilling Our Mission

For Wisconsin individuals, families, businesses and communities, UW-Extension fulfills its mission by:

  • Supporting personal growth, professional success and organizational effectiveness through formal and informal learning
  • Offering professionally-focused and cross-disciplinary competency-based credit certificates, associate degrees, and baccalaureate degrees in the area of business and management
  • Addressing the changing needs of the state and society by conducting, applying, and conveying relevant university research
  • Building greater access to educational, cultural and civic resources through the use of technologies

In addition, UW-Extension supports the University of Wisconsin System mission by:

  • Providing strong leadership for the university’s statewide public service mission
  • Integrating a scholarly approach to outreach across many academic disciplines
  • Addressing the specific educational needs of under-served, disadvantaged and non-traditional students

Approved by UW Board of Regents Dec. 11, 2015.