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Ashlynn N

My name is Ashlynn Numrich from Winnebago County and I am one of many members who have been a part of Wisconsin 4-H state teams. Due to a recent change in the UW-Extension budget, it has been brought to my attention that the continuation of these state team programs are in danger of being eliminated. The experiences I've had with on the state teams has not only impacted the youth and adults participating in 4-H but has allowed me to reach out to others in ways I could have never imagined to do so before. I attended Wisconsin 4-H Youth Conference as a delegate in 2013. This was my first big 4-H trip and I was ready to meet new people, learn about various topics, and enjoy the various speakers and performances throughout the week. The nights that Showcase Singers and Drama Company performed forever changed my life. I immediately set goals to apply and hopefully be a part of such a close 4-H family. Their enthusiasm and the impact of their performances truly changed my conference experience. My first year on a state team was two years ago. I was a part of Showcase Singers, a show choir that learns a routine in a week and performs at State Youth Conference and at the Wisconsin State Fair. Attending the planning weekend at Upham Woods in April and meeting such a strong group of leaders opened my eyes to a whole new experience that 4-H had to offer our state. Not knowing anyone walking in, I was immediately able to make connections with the friendly and supportive faces who surrounded me. Coming up with the songs for our set together as a group that would captivate our audience was a long and intense process, but allowed us all to bond over our common love for music and 4-H. Learning the music and choreography in June allowed everyone in the group to grow even closer. After the delegates arrived, we served as ambassadors for not only state teams but for all of the older youth trips 4-H has to offer. After our performance, we lead a session about Showcase specifically and answered questions about other experiences, which created bonds with everyone in the audience. Last year, due to the elimination of Showcase, I decided to join Drama Company. This experience is similar to Showcase in that we perform, but I personally felt we were able to learn more from this state team. Setting daily goals, leading ice breakers amongst the delegates, creating skits and scenes on the spot for our show, and being passionate and enthusiastic about State Teams and 4-H experiences are some of the many things gained from being a part of Drama Company. All of these opportunities through Drama Company and Showcase have allowed me to gain and develop skills I will need in my toolbox for life. My confidence, organization, creativity, time management, public speaking, and countless other skills have been developed greatly through these experiences and will aid me for my future. The argument that is common of State Teams only impact the members on each individual team is incorrect due to the impact on audience members and other youth attending sessions and performances. The same could be said for any other trip or experience offered through 4-H. There are multiple opportunities for a reason so youth can learn by doing and truly make the best better. Eliminating the State Teams would be a great disappointment not only to the directors, leaders, and youth currently involved but to all of the future youth and adults who will benefit from this unique opportunity. Nothing else can compare to the strong network of people who act as ambassadors for all of the opportunities in the Wisconsin 4-H program. The true impact that you get out of participating in this program is so unique and individualized for each person but undoubtedly, it is always positive. I hope that my experiences along with others helps you to understand the importance of these programs. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns. Let's make the best better for the current and future members of state teams.


WisPolitics Partners with UW Colleges & UW-Extension to Host Roundtables on Navigating the New Economy

Business leaders and community members have an opportunity to learn from state and local experts about how they can better navigate the new economy during roundtables in Hudson, Richland Center and Sheboygan. The series of community conversations is brought to you by and in partnership with UW Colleges and UW-Extension. “UW Colleges and UW-Extension were the perfect partner for us to choose for these community roundtables because of their statewide reach and resources, combined with their local experts,” said Jeff Mayers, president of “Working with them will help us go beyond the urban areas we typically work in and reach into population centers in more rural areas so we can have a discussion about the options these communities have to better navigate the new economy.” The interactive sessions will provide insights into the entrepreneurship history and business personality of each community by exploring the area’s industry mix and the key contributors to job creation, as well as share new techniques for developing local resources. UW Colleges and Extension Chancellor Cathy Sandeen will moderate the discussion, and panelists include: John Koskinen, Chief Economist for the Wisconsin Department of Revenue Mark Lange, Executive Director, UW-Extension’s Division for Business & Entrepreneurship A local economic development expert from each community: Eric Biltonen, Community, Natural Resource and Economic Development Educator, UW-Extension (Hudson) Will Cronin, Community Resource Development Educator, UW-Extension (Richland Center) Claire Thompson, Community Resource Development Educator, UW-Extension (Sheboygan) For more information on each panelist visit Meet the Panelists. “Local economies are the key to Wisconsin’s overall economic vitality, so we look forward to working with WisPolitics, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and UW-Extension experts to hold this series of community conversations,” said Chancellor Cathy Sandeen. “Using new data we’ll be able to talk about the unique business personality of each community so that attendees gain a better understanding of what’s happening below the surface and what needs to be done to drive future economic growth.” The events are free and open to the public. Join the conversation at one of these locations:   Hudson: Tuesday, October 17, 1 – 2:30 p.m. St. Croix County Government Center in the County Board Room at 1101 Carmichael Road in Hudson Reserve your seat for the Hudson event   Richland Center: Tuesday, October 24, 10 – 11:30 a.m. University of Wisconsin-Richland at 1200 Highway 14 West in Richland Center Reserve your seat for the Richland Center event  Sheboygan: Thursday, October 26, 1 – 2:30 p.m. University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan at One University Drive in Sheboygan Reserve your seat for the Sheboygan event   The series is sponsored by the Wisconsin Academy of Global Education and Training (WAGET), with support from the League of Wisconsin Municipalities and the Wisconsin Counties Association.   

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