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Fleet Vehicles

Monthly mileage reporting is required for every state vehicle. The driver is required to submit to UW Extension Purchasing Department two documents when recording and reporting monthly mileage

Assigned Vehicle Logs - Drivers are required to maintain an Assigned Vehicle Log Form, which records each leg of daily travel. Vehicle Logs must be submitted to and maintained by the UW Extension Purchasing Department. The mileage report indicates the beginning and ending odometer readings for the vehicle along with any personal mileage. Reimbursement for any personal miles must be included with Mileage Report. A supervisor signature is required on all Mileage Reports.

If reporting person/commute miles, a personal check including tax (state, county, and/or local taxes, if applicable) must be submitted according to owner/agency procedures. The tax rate is based on the employee's county of residence. Vehicle reassignment may occur if monthly mileage reports are late or missing three times in a twelve-month period.


Fleet Vehicles Mileage Report Excel link

Fleet Vehicles Reimbursement Formula for Personal Use of a State Vehicle formPDF link

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