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Thank you for your commitment to 4-H community clubs!

4-H Community Club Central provides a variety of resources to 4-H Club Leadership teams. Feel free to utilize these resources in your ever-important role of club leadership.

4-H Charter and Annual Renewal Process

A 4-H Charter indicates the 4-H Club or Group is organized in accordance with objectives of the 4-H program. The University of Wisconsin-Extension, Cooperative Extension grants 4-H Charters which formally authorizes the 4-H Club or Group to use the 4-H Name and Emblem for educational purposes in accordance with laws and regulations established by Congress and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

  • The purpose of the 4-H Charter is education, communication and accountability.
  • All 4-H Clubs must be chartered, are required to have an EIN number and submit a financial record audit report to the County UW-Extension Office once each year.
  • All 4-H Groups (including committees, boards or other organizations) that hold any financial accounts must be chartered.  If a 4-H Group does not hold financial accounts, it must be formally recognized and accountable to the County 4-H Leaders Organization.
  • The 4-H Charter allows the Club or Group to qualify for federal tax exempt status under the UW-Extension General Exemption Number (GEN) for Wisconsin 4-H Clubs and Groups.
  • A 4-H Charter is given to a new 4-H Club or Group as they are formed and meeting the requirements of a 4-H Club or Group.  The successful completion of the 4-H Charter Application begins this process.
  • 4-H Charters are renewed annually and will be granted upon successful completion of the 4-H Charter Annual Renewal packet. This packet is due to the 4-H Youth Development Educator by November 1 or an earlier date as determined by the Educator.
  • Requirements for a 4-H Club and chartered Groups are listed in the Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development Policies at

The Wisconsin 4-H Charter Application and Renewal packet provides timely communication between 4-H volunteers, Clubs and Groups and the 4-H Youth Development Educator.  This ensures timely database updates resulting in better communication.  The 4-H Charter Application and Annual Renewal packet provides the documentation of educational activities of the 4-H Club or Group/Committee needed for liability coverage for 4-H volunteers and members, program impact evaluation and educational planning.  And finally, the 4-H Charter Application and Annual Renewal packets provide documentation of compliance by 4-H Clubs and Groups with EEO and ADA guidelines, civil rights laws and accountability of handling 4-H money appropriately including IRS rules. The word icon 4-H Charter Completion Guide (82KB) provides volunteers assistance in completing the4-H Charter Application and Annual Renewal Packets.

4-H Charter Applications and Renewal forms are reviewed and approved by the 4-H Youth Development Educator and posted on the Wisconsin 4-H Clubs and Groups Data Collection site. Charters certificates or letters of renewal are sent to 4-H clubs and groups that have successfully completed the charter process.  Provisional charters are available to a 4-H club or group as they work to meet the necessary requirements of a 4-H Club or Group.



Project Leaders:

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If you have any questions or comments, please contact:
Kandi O'Neil
Associate State Program Director / Volunteer Leadership Specialist