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Spotted Raspberries
Submitted by Dan Marzu on 2/6/2014
A homeowner sent me this picture of his raspberries from the past year. Here is a copy of his e-mail:

These are Heritage from the Fall 2013 crop. They were in their first real productive year. I did not see this issue much, if at all, in the Summer crop, and did not see it at all in the Summer with the Latham I have.

This does not look to me like a rust or the like, but undeveloped 'nodules' on the berries. Could it be lack of a nutrient? Too much or too little water? (I can't water -- just rely on rainfall.)

Any ideas?


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Reply by Brian D. Hudelson on 2/6/2014

This looks like rust to me (what's called late leaf rust is my guess) although I'd need to see a sample of the fruit to verify. This is an alternating rust. The alternate host is white spruce. We don't have a fact sheet on this, but there is one through Ohio State University at

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have questions.

Brian (:))

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