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Submitted by Christy Marsden on 9/18/2014
These plants were brought in for ID, found on the edge or in woods.

plant 1
Plant 2
Plant 3
Plant 4
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Reply by Christine Wen on 9/18/2014
Plant 1 -??seen it before not sure what it is though Plant 2 Oxalis, yellow wood sorrel Plant 3 Heckelia virginiana, beggar's lice, stickseed, wild comfrey Plant 4 Eupatorium rugosum, White snakeroot, I'm pretty sure.

Reply by Kristin Krokowski on 9/18/2014
Plant 1 might be stinging nettle or some other nettle. You might need to ID it out.

Reply by Christy Marsden on 9/18/2014
Found it to be Virginia Copperleaf. Thanks for the help, my books were useless!

Reply by Mark Renz on 9/18/2014
Sorry for the late response, others seem to have gotten them all without my help.

Lots of copperleaf this year. Always lots of wood sorrel, sitckseed, and snakeroot......


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