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Weed Sample in Jan.
Submitted by Erin LaFaive on 1/8/2015
This weed sample came in yesterday. Client says it's very low to the ground, shallow root, and plant is tough like rope. What is it and how to get rid of?

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Reply by Mark Renz on 1/8/2015
Hi Erin, I am pretty sure this is nimblewill a perennial grass that is common in unmanaged urban areas. Not sure why it is still green, and little to do now for management.

I would need more information to give a detailed recommendation (where it is growing, how much, etc....)

This is a good turf website that have pictures:

Reply by Erin LaFaive on 1/8/2015
The clients lawn is not irrigated but she mentioned her lawn service didn't know what it was. Not sure if they're already using herbicides or just cutting the grass.

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