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Oak Decline
Submitted by Jamie Patton on 9/5/2014
Single mature oak with a stand of several oak trees. Leaves covered with many brown lesions. Some leaves are browning and dying along the leaf veins. Tree has several leaf and stem galls and some insect boring. Disease? Homeowner is afraid it will spread to the rest of the mature oaks.

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Reply by Laura Jull on 9/15/2014

I did not receive this post. Did you send it specifically to woody plants? You can send questions to me directly via my email at: Were pictures available? This would help significantly.

Reply by Brian D. Hudelson on 9/15/2014
Jamie: Are there any photos for this post? I can think of several things (disease, insect, environmental) that might cause brown lesions on oak leaves. Brian (:))

Reply by Jamie Patton on 9/16/2014
Apologies! You both answered this question (it must have posted twice...once with pictures, once without). The thought was tubakia leaf spot.

Thank you!

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