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Rose in pasture
Submitted by Heidi Doering on 9/30/2014
Mob grazed organic pasture land had these 'wild' rose plants dotted throughout. I thought it was multiflora rose but the flowers aren't same. Is this just a genetic anomaly of multiflora rose?

Rose plant
Flower close-up
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Reply by Mark Renz on 9/30/2014
Heidi, not sure what happened to the flower, but this sure looks like MFR to me. My guess is that some type of stress (herbicide, disease, bug, water stress) caused this malformed flower. I would forward to Laura Jull for her opinion.

We do have a native rose, but this can be differentiated from MFR by the presence of fringed stipules at the base of the compound leaf see: and scroll down to the rose stipule pictures


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