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Galls on ground cover plant
Submitted by Lyssa Seefeldt on 4/23/2014
Client brought in vine-like ground cover plant with galls of various sizes on the stem. Would like to know treatment options/prevention.

gall #1, pen for scale
leaves of plant
various galls on stem
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Reply by Laura Jull on 4/23/2014
This looks like crown gall, which Brian Hudelson would know what to do. It is on Euonymus fortunei, wintercreeper, a species that is quite susceptible to crown gall. In the past, we would recommend pruning out infected tissue well above and below the crown gall. Laura

Reply by Brian D. Hudelson on 4/23/2014

I agree with Laura that this looks like crown gall. I also see the disease fairly often on this host. For more information, check out our University of Wisconsin Garden Facts on this disease at:

If you have additional questions, let me know.

Brian (:))

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