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Submitted by Kim Miller on 8/29/2014
We had a resident come into with this plant. She says it is Licorice, but I honestly do not know for sure. She said it has yellow flowers and swallowtail butterflies like it. If anyone can ID it that would be wonderful.

It has many insects on it. Aphids for sure and then the one in the picture. Does anyone know what it is?

Then it looks like some type of fungus/mold growing on the leaf.

Thanks for your help

leaf mold?
Insect with aphid
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Reply by Barbara Larson on 8/29/2014
The insect is a ladybug pupa.

Reply by Brian D. Hudelson on 8/29/2014
Kim: The growth on the leaves may be sooty mold ( These fungi oftentimes grow on honeydew produced by aphids. Hope this helps. Brian (:))

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