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Submitted by Kenneth R. Williams on 2/9/2015
PJ- Phils name is still on the list?? Insect found in cedar wood that is being used to make furniture. wood is not kiln dried. Person is concerned whether the insect will be an issue in furniture made from that wood, or if it poses a problem for other furniture. Insect is 1/2 inch long.

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Reply by P.J. (Patrick) Liesch on 2/9/2015

It's a species of longhorned beetle called the "cedar tree borer" (Semanotus ligneus; additional info here: The species can infest recently dead and dying cedars and a few other trees but shouldn't be a concern for cedar furniture as this species lays it's eggs on the bark of trees and won't re-infest cut/peeled/worked wood. One caveat: if the wood is used to construct furniture in the near future, there's a chance that any other beetles *already present* in the wood could still emerge.


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