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Tree Leaf Chlorsis
Submitted by Eugene Schriefer on 10/13/2014
Landowner established 4 quaking aspen. 2 are showed signs of yellowing leaves in late summer while veins remain green. 2nd two remained green until fall color change. No pathogens detected by the lab. Soil test results pH 7.4, OM 10.4, P-205 ppm K-450, Ca- 8000 something.

Landowner interested in learning what may be affecting these trees.

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Reply by Laura Jull on 10/22/2014

Quaking aspen normally will do quite well at pH of 7.4. What I find interesting is that your soil organic matter is very high at 10.4%. We normally see soil with less than 5-6% organic matter. Was this soil test done at UW Plant and Soil Analysis lab or by and outside lab?

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