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The Dairy Team strengthens the competitiveness of the Wisconsin dairy industry through statewide leadership in education and research.

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The Dairy Team blog is your online newsletter for dairy news from the University of Wisconsin-Extension.

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During late winter and early spring, cattle are prone to a complex set of metabolic problems, pneumonia, and other difficulties that can lead to loss of milk production, expensive veterinary bills, and even the death of some animals.

University of Wisconsin-Extension dairy experts offer advice and information to help keep dairy herds healthy. ... to learn more

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Repro Money Repro Money is a team based farmer directed program aimed at improving your dairy farm’s profitability by improving the reproductive performance of your herd.
Cow Care and Management
   - Milk Quality
Hispanic Labor
Livestock Siting and Land Use
Ag Literacy and Rural/Urban Relationships


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Team Forage
Understanding Dairy Markets
UW-Center for Dairy Profitability
UW-Madison Dairy Science Department
UW-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS)
UW-Milking Research and Instruction Laboratory
Wisconsin Link - Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board
World's Best Milk Quality Website


Work Groups

Contact: Dave Kammel

  • Dairy Curriculum on Modernization
  • Dairies in Transition project encouraging farm efficiency and profitability for the small dairy
  • Heifer management

Cow Care and Management
Contact: Victor Cabrera

  • Midwest Herd Health Conference
  • Publications: Johne's Disease, Five C's of Healthy Calves

Hispanic Labor
Contact: Zen Miller

  • Hispanic labor meetings for employees and employers, conducted in Spanish
  • Bilingual milking procedure and heat detection posters
  • Hispanic labor training seminars
  • UW-River Falls program to train tutors of English as a second language with an emphasis on the dairy industry.

Livestock Siting and Land Use
Contacts: Scott Gunderson and Greg Blonde

Livestock Facility Siting
The Livestock Facility Siting Law consists of a state statute (s. 93.90) and rule (ATCP 51) that change how local governments can regulate the siting of new and expanded livestock operations. Under the new law, if a local government decides to require a farmer to obtain a conditional use or other permit to operate, the livestock farmer must fill out a state application to show that they are in compliance with state standards. For more information and for a copy of the state application, visit the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection's web page.

Ag Literacy and Rural/Urban Relationships

Making a difference

Success stories and impact reports

The University of Wisconsin-Extension Dairy Modernization Team helped 1,804 dairy producers consider modernization options and management practices last year. These new facilities are increasing profitability and easing the back-breaking labor of milking cows.

PDF file Modernizating Wisconsin dairy farms

Dairy producers who have updated their barns and milking facilities and added more cows to their herds need reliable employees who have been trained in modern dairy practices. Many dairy workers working on Wisconsin farms are Latinos from Mexico and Central America and may not speak much English.

PDF file Training Spanish-speaking dairy workers

Consumers demand milk produced under the most hygienic standards. They expect their milk to come from healthy cows. Production of high quality milk is essential to continued profitability of the Wisconsin dairy business community.

PDF file Teams make dairies more profitable




Team Co-leaders

Mark Hagedorn
UW-Extension Agriculture Agent, Eau Claire County
(715) 839-4712

Dave Kammel
UW-Madison, Agriculture Engineer Specialist
(608) 262-9776

Team Coach
Jeff Sindelar
UW-Madison, Meat Specialist
(608) 262-0555


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