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Evaluation is a core function of University of Wisconsin-Extension Cooperative Extension with support provided by the Program Development and Evaluation Unit (PDE).

Two key resources form the framework for evaluation within the organization:

  • The "Planning a Program Evaluation" booklet and worksheet (PDF file PDF files)
    The worksheet is also available as a Word document that can be saved and used to enter text.
  • The "Enhancing Program Performace with Logic Models" on-line course

Additional resources and support provided by PDE include:

Evaluation practice within UW-Extension-Cooperative Extension is guided by established standards for the evaluation of educational programs supported by the American Evaluation Association.

Steps in Program Evaluation

All faculty and staff of the University of Wisconsin-Extension Cooperative Extension are responsible for quality educational programs that produce positive and equitable results.  To support a learning organization and to ensure the wise investment of resources, evaluation is part of each personís job responsibilities.  Written evaluation plans are developed as part of the program planning process.  In recent years, the organization has moved to an outcome-based planning and reporting system with evaluation playing a critical role in learning, program improvement and accountability. 

PDE is charged with providing leadership and capacity building in program evaluation through in-service education, resource material development, consultation, administrative support and managing high priority evaluations. Our main areas include: internal capacity development, community-based capacity development, research and development.

Recipient of Distinguished Evaluator Award

The Program Development and Evaluation Unit is pleased to be recognized by the Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati as their 2009 Distinguished Evaluator for “outstanding work building evaluation capacity.”