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The Program Development and Evaluation Unit provides training and technical assistance that enables Cooperative Extension campus and community-based faculty and staff to plan, implement and evaluate high quality educational programs.


Program development is an ongoing systematic process that UW-Extension professionals follow as they plan, implement and evaluate their educational programs. The process can be applied on a small scale to an individual workshop; on a larger scale to a comprehensive community initiative or to a county or statewide program of action. The scope may be different but the principles of program development remain the same.

In UW-Extension, the program development process is captured in our program development model that includes situational analysis, priority setting, program action - the logic model - and evaluation.



Now available (October 2010) - A PDF version (216 pages, 3.35MB) of the "Enhancing Program Performance with Logic Models" online course. This file may be downloaded to view offline or print all or selected pages for reference. Note that this file contains the content of the Feb. 2003 online course, no revisions have been made.

The American Evaluation Association is the premier professional association for evaluation.  This year the annual conference is in Chicago, Illinois, November 9-14, 2015.  There is an active Extension evaluation group with a series of paper on Extension evaluation within the larger conference.  This is a great opportunity to learn from the experts and share your own scholarship.   See the conference web site at: http://www.eval.org/Evaluation2015

The Wisconsin Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development program has launched a new evaluation web site. This teaching and learning site provides a wealth of materials, samples and examples from across Wisconsin to help community-based Extension educators design and implement evaluations of their youth development programs.  Check the public site out at:

New BLOG for University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension colleagues:  Connect to the “Practical Evaluation Applications and You” blog for regular entries about evaluation and sharing of examples and samples.   Leave your comments and ask questions.  Only for UWEX faculty and staff.  http://blogs.ces.uwex.edu/evaluation/

Photo of BCEO manual

The Building Capacity in Evaluating Outcomes (BCEO) manual consists of eight units on evaluation topics; each includes hands-on activities, handouts and a slide presentation. A facilitator’s guide provides resources and tips to enhance learning, and strategies to evaluate your own evaluation capacity building work.