Developing Social Indicators for NPS Management

Project Timeline

1. Region 5 multi-state Social Indicator Team established (Spring 2005)

2. Participatory process for social indicator selection – workshops held and stakeholders surveyed in each state for user input (Fall 2005 –spring 2006)

3. Core set of social indicators for NPS management and evaluation developed (summer 2006 )

4. Draft guidance document for using social indicators in NPS management (early 2007)
The draft document was circulated among NPS programs within Region 5 as well as external reviewers. Feedback led to important project adjustments.

5. Select pilots and begin testing social indicator system for NPS evaluation 2007-2011)
Pilot projects are occurring in each state in order to test the accuracy and usability of the core indicators, as well as provide opportunities to develop other methods and supplemental indicators for measuring the social component of the NPS management.

6. Testing and application of the on-line Social Indicators Data Management and Analysis (SIDMA) tool (April 2008)
Pilot projects will be able to access the SIDMA website here when the model is completed.

7. Develop and assess multiple tools for evaluating the social component of NPS programs at project, state and regional levels. (2008-2010 )
Development of these tools will be ongoing. Below is the current list for planning and assessment of the social component of NPS management

8. Develop supplemental social indicators (2007-2010)
Supplemental indicators that can be used with core indicators will be developed throughout the pilot projects phase.

  • Supplemental indicators will be linked here as they are developed.

9. Full and revised version of the social indicators system complete (2011)

  • Final Handbook for using the social indicators system (under development)
  • SIDMA website

10. Provide a means of support for use of social indicators beyond the pilot phase (2011)

  • Discussions between State NPS programs, USEPA Region 5, and the regional social indicators team will determine the nature and extent of ongoing support for the socialindicators system.

Complementary Planning and Evaluation Resources

Below are resources for watershed planning and evaluation that provide complementary approaches to assessing the social component of NPS management.


Evaluating Activities