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Templates - WordPerfect Templates

Download WordPerfect Templates
Click on the link above to download the Planning and Results templates in WordPerfect format.

If you need help with downloading the template or any of the information and instructions below, please contact the CETS Help Desk.

Template Details
The file you download, wp__teamtemplates.exe is a self-extracting file. After you download the file to your hard drive, locate the file in either Windows Explorer or through the My Computer icon. Once you have located the downloaded file, double click on it.

The double click will start the self-extracting process. By default the self-extracting process will put the templates in the folder:

Once the template has been put in the template directory, you are ready to use it in WordPerfect.

Using the templates in WordPerfect
To use the template in WordPerfect follow these steps:

  • Click on the File menu
  • Click on Open...
  • Change to the Planning_Results folder
  • Highlight the template you want to use
  • Click on OK
You will now have a new document to work with. Fill in the appropriate information, spell check and save the document with any file name you want.

Enter information on-line

  1. Make sure you have WordPerfect open and have the document with the information you want to submit on the screen (it may be Minimized if you want).
  2. Make your connection to the Internet
  3. Log In to the system.
  4. Navigate to the appropriate screen
  5. Copy and past FROM WordPerfect by highlighting the text and pressing Ctrl-C (hold the Control key and press C). (This will copy it to the Windows clipboard)
  6. Paste INTO the planning and results system by clicking in the corresponding box in the planning and results system and pressing Ctrl-V (hold the Control key and press V).
  7. Make sure you click on the "Save" button in the Planning and Results system often to insure the information you are putting in gets saved.
If you have completed other templates you can open the file (with the name you gave it) and enter that data into the system by repeating the steps above. If you are done, exit the system.
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