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Keynote Resources

Keynote presentations are an important part of the conference, providing ideas and perspectives from leaders in the field of distance teaching and learning. You can access recordings of keynote presentations from past conferences using the links below. Most recordings are approximately 60 minutes in length.

Note: Most recordings require Windows Media Player or Silverlight to view.

2012 Keynote Recordings

Applying neuroscience to educate for meaningful learning

Dr. James Zull, Professor of Biology and of Biochemistry, Case Western Reserve University

Learning in hand with mobile technology

Judy Brown, Mobile Learning Strategic Analyst

Keynote Resources from Past Conferences

Year Title Presenter
2011 Education in the age of disruptive innovation
Lee Crockett, Director of Media, InfoSavvy Group
2011 e-Learning: So much talk, so little action
Allison Rossett, Professor, San Diego State University
2011 Emergence: Meaningful learning and the new technologies
Clark Quinn, Executive Director, Quinnovation
2010 Digital habitats and communities of practice: A social discipline of learning
Dr. Etienne Wenger, Independent author and thinker
2010 Is e-learning e-mentia?
Dr. Michael Allen, Allen Interactions
2010 e-Learning solutions: Tying knots in your shoestring budget to survive
Dr. Jane Bozarth, North Carolina Office of State Personnel
2009 In the age of real-time: The complex, social and serendipitous learning offered via the Web
Teemu Arina, CEO, Dicole Ltd.
2009 Remembering forward: Scenarios for the future of distance teaching and learning
Judith Boettcher, Founder/Consultant,
2009 The scholarship of distance education: A story of which we can be proud!
Michael G. Moore, Professor, Pennsylvania State University
2008 Connectivism: A vision for education
George Siemens, Associate Director of Research and Development, University of Manitoba
2008 Technology trends opening access to education worldwide: Now, we all can learn!
Curt Bonk, Professor of Educational Psychology and Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University
2008 Achieving success: Listen, look and lead
Marilyn Moats Kennedy, Founder and partner, Moats/Kennedy, Inc.
2007 Leadership counts ... and adds more than numbers
Darcy Walsh Hardy, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Executive Director, University of Texas System TeleCampus
2007 My generation, your generation: We're all in this together
Dr. Mark Milliron, Suanne Davis Roueche Endowed Fellow, Senior Lecturer, and Director of the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) in the College of Education, University of Texas-Austin
2007 Emerging models of learning/teaching via 'cyberinfrastructure'
Dr. Chris Dede, Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies, Technology, Innovation, and Education, Harvard University
2006 Learning for the new mobile society
David Metcalf, CLO Advisor/Researcher, Institute for Simulation and Training,University of Central Florida
2006 Efficiency in learning: Applying cognitive load theory to distance learning
Ruth Clark, Clark Training & Consulting
2006 Learning networks: Beyond information delivery
David Cavallo, Future of Learning Research Group, MIT - Media Lab
2005 New strategies for e-learning design: Harnessing technology for flexibility and engagement
Prof. Diana Laurillard, Head of the e-Learning Strategy Unit, UK Government's Department for Education and Skills and Visiting Professor, Open University
2005 Going the (virtual) distance: Does better learning come from better technology?
Michael Schrage, Co-director, MIT Media Lab's E-Markets Initiative and Senior Adviser, MIT's Security Studies Program
2005 The learning sciences, education, and technology: Issues and opportunities
Dr. John Bransford, James W. Mifflin University Professorship and Professor of Education, University of Washington
2004 Distributed-learning communities as a model for online education
Dr. Chris Dede, Harvard Graduate School of Education
2004 Improving learning and reducing costs: New models of online learning
Carol Twigg, Executive Director of the Center for Academic Transformation at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
2004 Building an online community as the heart of the BBC's training and professional development
Prof. Nigel Paine, BBC People Development
2003 Overcoming our digital immigrant accents: understanding gaming and other digital native behaviors
Marc Prensky, author and CEO, and Corporate Gameware LLC
2003 After the fall: the lessons of an indulgent era
Dr. Jack Wilson, CEO, UMassOnline
2003 Learning portals: integrating resources on the desktop
Gloria Gery, Gery Associates
2003 After the fall: The lessons of an indulgent era
Dr. Jack Wilson, CEO, UMassOnline
2003 Learning portals: Integrating resources on the desktop
Gloria Gery, President, Gery & Associates
2003 Overcoming our digital immigrant accents: Understanding gaming and other digital native behaviors
Marc Prensky, CEO, Corporate Gameware LLC

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