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2004 Keynote

Distributed-learning communities as a model for online education

Presenter Dr. Chris Dede, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Abstract Research documents the power of face-to-face learning communities based on a culture in which everyone collaboratively works toward collective understanding. Emerging interactive media such as wireless handhelds and multi-user virtual environments can create new types of distributed-learning communities for students that span classroom, workplace, home, and community settings. Examples of distributed-learning communities include an international mix of students using mediated interactions to create an online encyclopedia about Harry Potter's fictional world and teams of mentor and novice teachers using the Milwaukee Public Schools Professional Development Portal to share ideas about effective instruction. Dr. Chris Dede will discuss the challenges and opportunities of using emerging technologies to create distributed-learning communities that bridge distance and time, use high-interaction educational models based on active learning, and scale to large numbers of participants.

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