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2006 Keynote

Learning networks: Beyond information delivery

Presenter David Cavallo, Future of Learning Research Group, MIT - Media Lab

Abstract It is time to radically re-think our learning environments. As access to mobile computers and high bandwidth wireless connectivity become more commonplace, the creation and flow of ideas can be multi-directional rather than a one-way broadcast. This means “how”, “when”, “where” and “with whom” one learns can be highly personalized and open-ended. David Cavallo will explain the concept of Learning Networks as a different organizing framework for using technology for learning. The network concept places the focus on local activity and interaction, raises the visibility of other components in the network, and emphasizes dynamic and alternative ways of organization and control—beyond traditional top-down and centralized models that follow a print-based publishing metaphor. He will provide examples of new tools and participatory practices in a variety of settings and among a variety of populations and learning experiences.

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