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May 1999: Volume 4.5

UPFRONT - Aligning Training with the Organization

FOCUS - A Perspective on Technology/Learning Training Decisions '99


TECH STATS - Popularity of Internet Won't Peak for Years

DID YOU KNOW? - Student Rate Faculty by Their Web Pages; About Technology in Adult and Vocational Education

ANOTHER VIEW - Distance Learning is No Substitute for Real-World Education

BIZ FORCE - Business Benefits Seen in Internet2

TECH STRESSED? - Stress: Living and Working in a Changing World

TECH TRENDS - Huge Leaps Predicted for Handhelds!

TECH FUNDS - Some $12 Million Earmarked for Online Education; ISI Funds Available

NEW ON THE LIST - Welcome to New Subscribers

FYI - News, Conferences, Institutes, Events

In-Briefs and Updates

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JUNE ISSUE - Where Support and Training Meet - ICS at The Pyle Center

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